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  • Отличное расширение! Отличная замена FriGate и ему подобных. Поддержка SOCKS5 прокси. Функция "умный прокси" где пропускается через прокси только определённые сайты. Можно настроить определённый прокси на каждый сайт.
  • Der ist echt richtig flott
  • nevem
  • Very cool ! I have an improvement request, I use differents networks and I have to each time change manual proxy properties... is it possible to add the ability to enable a proxy depending on local host addresses ?
  • Elle est magnifique
  • This really needs an inverse mode. I want to be protected unless it's a site I trust. Always Enable doesn't' seem to have any convenient way of adding exceptions.

    EDIT: Apparently you can't reply to developer responses, or delete your review and make a new one.

    I am aware of the 'Bypass List' feature, but it is something you can only get into by opening the mod interface. Imagine having to do this for so many different websites, meanwhile the standard SmartProxy feature can perform its function from the toolbar button.
    It has. It is called "Bypass List"
  • Best! Best!

    Add please the opportunity to use automatic proxy service settings, e.g. https:/.../...*.pac
  • Very good
  • Please add support for mobile firefox.
    Firefox mobile doesn't have all the required features for this extension to work properly, just yet. Once they do, i'll update the extension.
  • Отличное дополнение. То что искал. Настраивается легко и удобно. Спасибо вам.
  • 功能很不错,用着比omega顺手,提点小意见:规则订阅最好能够直接订阅网址,导入不是很方便,如下的GFWList

    It is on the TO-DO list already, please read it before down-voting: