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  • 功能还不错,不过还是有些欠缺
    Can you be more specific? and in English please
  • Good, but the smart mode gives some performance degradation.
  • Very good!!!
    Отличная работа!
    Работает со списками сайтов, которые нужно пустить через прокси, а не тупо гоняет весь трафик, как это делает большинство дополнений.
    Список прокси можно взять от frigate.

    https://fr-54-189-1.friproxy.eu:443 [FR]
    https://es-23-210-1.fri-gate0.biz:443 [ES]
    https://fr-11-87-1.fri-gate0.eu:443 [FR]
    https://it-234-156-1.fri-gate0.eu:443 [IT]
    https://nl-84-91-1.friproxy0.eu:443 [NL]
    https://nl-84-91-3.fri-gate.eu:443 [NL]
    https://us-189-255-1.friproxy.eu:443 [US]
    https://ca-68-31-1.fri-gate0.eu:443 [CA]
    https://us-68-31-2.fri-gate.eu:443 [US]
    https://uk-167-116-1.friproxy0.eu:443 [UK]
    https://nl-170-185-1.friproxy.eu:443 [NL]
    https://us-189-255-4.fri-gate.biz:443 [US]
    https://cz-71-135-1.fri-gate.eu:443 [CZ]
  • works well with firefox 57
  • Works fine, I have no complaints.
  • Thanks for a program and for last update, because i had a lot of problems with links and content on pages through proxy.
    Please add a opportunity to manually correct/edit "pattern" section in "proxy rules" option. (on this moment i can do this through edit "storage.js" in mozilla profile, but i think it could be more in easy way by settings UI)
  • Simple & good addon - works fine in firefox 57
  • I hope it can be supported, this is the first time i use this addon, but dont have anything to import/restore. So i hope i can import from gfwlist(maybe even update from it everyday) or import from pac file/url will be useful.
    It has.
    On Settings->Proxy Rules->Import Rules

    You can change your vote if you're satisfied :)
  • I can recommend this extension to FoxyProxy users
  • Good addon
  • Thanks for your great job but can you fix that? When i trying use smartproxy with tor, tor says - Socks version 22 not recognized. (Tor is not an http proxy.). Fetching socks handshake failed. Closing.
    Tried all variants - http/s and socks.
    Please fix it.
    I will check that
  • wow,look forward to the upcoming features...
  • please add onebutton switch with click on exestion icon )
    It is the WebExtensions limitation that doesn't allow that. But instead shortcuts is in the road-map and will be implemented.
  • Hi,
    Really nice extension.
    Clean and simple to use. Does its job pretty good.
    A minor suggestion from me is to make Pop-up menu styling match to other FF57 menus (at least hover and active colors)
    Here are their specs
  • Really love this :)
  • Thanks, it does what it says
  • The addon seems great it has a lot of features that range from simple to complex. The ui looks great and tidy.

    If you could add some proxies that come with the addon or add a section in the preferences where it shows proxies from a realiable proxy list web with a button to quickly add the proxy to the addon's proxy list, it would be perfect.