63 reviews
  • Good overall addon, and now works with Firefox 57+
  • can't track browser time
  • Causes problems with e10s and will stop working in Fx 57, need to be ported to WebExtensions.
  • After install, icon is not showed on the bar. One need to go do adjusting options and drag icon onto the bar. Then click it and it works.
  • If you're encountered the problem mentioned in a number of these reviews where you attempt to login to the RescueTime add-on and you can't type in the email field, the work around from the add-on developer is mentioned here ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/rescuetime-for-firefox/reviews/804290/ ) stating "We've been able to reproduce the issue. As far as we can tell, the problem with not being able to interact with the window ONLY happens when the RescueTime icon located on the menu panel (under the hamburger icon on the far end of the toolbar). If the RescueTime icon is directly on the browser toolbar, the window works. While we work on a fix, the workaround is to move the icon to the browser toolbar. If you do not want the icon on the toolbar, you can put it there temporarily, sign in, then move it back to the menu panel and the site tracking should work just fine."
  • Just like the others complain... it does not pop up after install.

    Glitch in the system and I am surprised that the DEV with such low ratings.. is not fixing this issue.
  • It causes issues with other extensions (Tab Groups in my case) because it has not been updated to work with multi-process Firefox.
  • After adding the extension button to the toolbar I was able to click the button, log in, and start tracking.

    My only wish is a, user definable, option to combine websites and apps as one. For example, I'd like messenger.com from the web and Facebook Messenger from Android to be counted as the same RescueTime Activity.
  • It works just fine. Remember to put the icon somewhere visible after installing by going to "customize" on Firefox. Signed in without issues.
  • Would be great if it worked. It didn't.
  • signup doesnt work
    I'm not sure what might have gone wrong there. Can you open a ticket at help.rescuetime.com? We're be happy to help you troubleshoot this problem.
  • This addon is extremely useful to allow me to track my internet usage with RescueTime. I do not have any customisation issues with the addon and it seems to stay logged in. Hopefully more users will update/post their reviews. Make sure you get the latest Firefox version and keep your addons up-to-date to avoid issues.
  • The add on is quite good. I didn't encounter the customization issues and the add-on didn't change anything.

    The setup was simple and it has become an essential productivity tool for me.