55 reviews
  • It works just fine. Remember to put the icon somewhere visible after installing by going to "customize" on Firefox. Signed in without issues.
  • Would be great if it worked. It didn't.
  • signup doesnt work
    I'm not sure what might have gone wrong there. Can you open a ticket at help.rescuetime.com? We're be happy to help you troubleshoot this problem.
  • This addon is extremely useful to allow me to track my internet usage with RescueTime. I do not have any customisation issues with the addon and it seems to stay logged in. Hopefully more users will update/post their reviews. Make sure you get the latest Firefox version and keep your addons up-to-date to avoid issues.
  • The add on is quite good. I didn't encounter the customization issues and the add-on didn't change anything.

    The setup was simple and it has become an essential productivity tool for me.