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  • Can get your data. What's the need in that?
  • Very good! It even recognizes specific sites as different types. Like "Reference & Learning:
    google.com, realpython.com" and "Design & Composition:
    MS Paint" (MS paint from desktop). Really surprised to see someone has actually made this. One of those things i had actually hoped for and assumed would never exist.

    Its a tragic they have taken so many low review.
  • This is really good addon but it slows down Firefox significantly. I had to test all my addons one by one to figure it out. Its a shame as the Chrome counterpart is fast. My usecase is heavy browsing (loads of tabs). It might be ok for light usage.
  • Works fine, but could have more integrated features such as category change when browsing pages, directly from the extension itself.
  • As others have mentioned, it needs cookies permissions:
  • Doesn't work. It says "There is no time yet recorded today". This is your first visit on this site today. I have at least 10 tabs on this site today. It says that a possible cause is that I didn't use my computer for enough time today, but that's not true. Whatever the duration, it shows the same thing. And on the site: "There is no time logged for this period".
  • Worked like a charm!