73 reviews
  • I love it's tracking ability.
  • I love how it tracks your sufring habits and you can categorize them. Perfect for analysis.
  • This extension has a massive memory leak. It will be using about 3GB of memory after a day of running. I know it's this extension because I got the memory back after disabling this extension. I also haven't had to restart Firefox to free up memory after disabling this extension. Please fix it!

    I like the additional info that I get in Rescue Time as a result of using this extension, but it's not worth the massive memory leak.
  • Even though I sign in through the RescueTime's Firefox add-on, it constantly shows a red esclamation mark and sign-in prompt. It used to work great, if it's not fixed soon, I'll start looking for alternatives.
  • After recent update just asks me to login and red exclamation remains. Can't run desktop app because it has a runaway process that I have reported but they won't fix. What to do?
  • Not working in Android
  • Can get your data. What's the need in that?
  • Very good! It even recognizes specific sites as different types. Like "Reference & Learning:
    google.com, realpython.com" and "Design & Composition:
    MS Paint" (MS paint from desktop). Really surprised to see someone has actually made this. One of those things i had actually hoped for and assumed would never exist.

    Its a tragic they have taken so many low review.
  • This is really good addon but it slows down Firefox significantly. I had to test all my addons one by one to figure it out. Its a shame as the Chrome counterpart is fast. My usecase is heavy browsing (loads of tabs). It might be ok for light usage.