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  • Works fine, but could have more integrated features such as category change when browsing pages, directly from the extension itself.
  • As others have mentioned, it needs cookies permissions:
  • Doesn't work with firefox developer edition. RescueTime shows everything under "firefox developer edition" activity without displaying visited websites.

    Tested with firefox developer edition 64.0b6 and latest RescueTime under Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS
  • Worked like a charm!
  • It helps you be productive
  • doesn't work
  • Simply does not work. Very disappointing for paying members.
  • Still doesn't work on Firefox Developer Edition. The *title/name* of the page is shown individually, but the *site address* isn't actually identified! All my activities are lumped together under "Firefox Developer Edition". The customer support has also been totally unhelpful on solving the issue.

    Strangely it does work on Firefox.

    Update Dec 2018: The bug still isn't fixed after 7 months, which is pretty bad.
  • Don´t use this addon, mines your data as you can read in it´s policy.
  • Excelente aplicacion que me ayuda a ser conciente en ue uso mi tiempo
  • After a long time, I can finally confirm it is working on macOS and Firefox with a cookie whitelist (cookies disabled by default, only user-specified pages are allowed to set cookies). Thanks to the developer to create an actual support document for this edge case.

    If you are a Firefox user who likes to whitelist cookies instead of accepting everything by default, here is your guide:
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