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  • I have used this for years and recommended and installed it for others. Recently, it has started going to the Last Pass website when I log on even though I have "Show My LastPass Vault After Login" unchecked...and always have had it unchecked. It also has stopped doing a good job of auto-filling my passwords, and I have to go search for them in my vault and copy and paste. I am using the latest Firefox (61) with Win 10, and it seems people are reporting a lot of bugs with the new FF. Someone said LP sold, and that was the reason for the decline in quality. Whatever the reason, I am no longer installing or recommending, and I am searching for a new pw manager. It kind of worries me that if they can't get their software to work correctly then how can I trust them with my passwords.

  • can't even show login window. disaster.

  • LastPass has been in decline for the last year, and latest updates just take it from bad to worse.

    - Latest version it is impossible to login to the extension. You must visit lastpass.com to even get the plugin to accept the login.
    - Preference settings repeatedly do not save. I hope you like the defaults because you can't change them.
    - Often the plugin menu itself will not even open if I need to login to a site. I have to open a new tab, then open the menu, and copy/paste the password out manually.

    This extension is junk. My company standardized on LastPass about 5 years ago and it didn't suck so much then. Now I think we made a mistake and would not recommend this service to anyone.

  • Szeretném elkerülni, hogy minden belépést + jelszót meg kelljen jegezni, ismételgetni.

  • I used to love this extension. I loved it so much that it was the only reason why I switched back from Chromium to Firefox. However since then it's becoming worse and worse. First Firefox quantum got there which made this extension utterly useless. I could understand that the developers needed time to update but it's almost 8 month now and nothing got better. It's even worse.
    First the copy username/password buttons disappeared and were re-added last week. However they still does not work !!!
    The autofilll is now way worse and does not fill anything or use wrong credentials.
    And with last update the fault keeps opening randomly IN MY CURRENT TAB!
    This extension is utterly useless. And i must say that it's really hard to trust a company with my passwords when their browser extensions are so badly made.

  • Works in general if you have single accounts for a specific application, However, it refuses to cater for multiple accounts on the same site with different login profiles. i.e. Amazon Web Services and Account Aliases. it saves the first account alias you use, and then just blindly use that alias for all consequent logins, no matter if you save separate entries for each alias. Integration with OS X is also very basic.

  • Garbage. Installed on FF ESR-60 on Linux and no extension icon - have to use website login to access vault. Sort your testing out lastpass, this product is not fit for release.

  • Not working to copy/paste the credentials manually without the desktop app. Rubish

  • Vault always opens on login despite having the setting unchecked

  • created a firefox account specifically to write this: Lastpass add on sucks.

    I've used it for years, telling my friends to use it, but it has consistently sucked for the past few months.
    I'm using 1password at work and it is miles ahead in terms of reliability.
    Lastpass addon will often fail to autofill, or fail to save a new password when creating an account (it just did right now for my firefox account, I had to create it manually).
    Save your time and use another of the many competitors.

  • cool

  • Will not work correctly after getting updated to WebExtension plugin. Some websites do not get filled with credentials, and there are no buttons to just copy/paste the credentials manually.

  • Lastpass really sucks!!! In Firefox when you click on the add-on, you have to right click to open lastpass on their website. Then when you login you can't even put in a preference for the friggin thing to stay in list view or grid view or to keep the folders closed. When you launch one of the websites in your list, the friggin thing doesn't even insert the username and password; you have to do that friggin manually. There are a lot better password managers out there. Don't waste your time with lastpass!!!

  • 18 attempts to create an account and be able to login = 18 failures!

  • Блядь, исправьте баг с автоматической авторизацией расширения для firefox!

  • bug :(

  • To everyone that has issues with getting the same features as there are in chrome, simply go to the icon, more options, about lastpass and next to where it says binary component it should say true, but for some it says false... click install on the button next to it and then you should get the same functionality as on chrome like copying passwords straight from the extension, etc.

  • Flakes out regularly. I'm going to switch away from Lastpass as soon as my subscription runs out.

  • 方便使用安全

  • Very buggy extension

  • I love Lastpass and have used it for years. However, lately there are some bugs.

    On Chrome, I can right click the account in the extension menu by my URL bar and there is a "copy password" option for when the forms don't fill automatically. Although Firefox USED to have this capability, it no longer does. There are no options to Copy Password or Copy Username when you right click the entry in your vault or in the extension. This transforms Lastpass from a sleek extension to something bulky and unwieldly. I do NOT want to use Chrome so please fix this.

  • на линукс не сохраняет настройки после закрытия Firefox. Потом логин и пароль надо вводить заново!

    on Linux does not save the settings after closing Firefox. Then login and password must be entered again!

  • August 3, 2018: I have used the LastPass extension for years as a plug-in to Firefox without any difficulty. However, the latest version of the LastPass plug-in fails to integrate with Firefox 61. The only way to use LastPass from Firefox is to go to lastpass.com and login there. I logged the problem on the LastPass website last week. Not clear to me whether this is caused by a change in Firefox or in LastPass, but regardless, it renders this plug-in useless.

  • Very good plugin, but there is a problem recently. When I start my Firefox I can't login to LastPass plugin. The box that pops up when I click on the plugin icon is just small and blank. I have to go to LastPass website and login, and the browser plugin log in's automatically. And then it works as usual. But this means that if LastPass website goes offline I wont be able to use my passwords. Please fix the plugin for Firefox.

  • The service is good, the extension and the apps terrible.