6,880 reviews
  • Recent changes dropped my rating. No more form fills, icons taking up valuable space on small screens, no record of my help requests. And 20% of the time LastPass will not fill in a password automatically or the site will not accept what I had very recently stored in LastPass. Disappointing. Have used LP for about six years.
  • LastPass has changed my online life making it a lot easier. Thanks to LastPass team.
  • Been using for a few years. Easy to use and I like being able to sign on to website when needed which has saved my bacon a time or two. Still happy with Last Pass.
  • Very Good
  • I've been using lastpass for years. It has saved my bacon when it comes to passwords I rearly use.
  • Firefox Extension (Mobile & Browser) are not login in, therefor the extension is useless. the online / android / desktop option at least works. Please fix that ASAP.
  • buggy.
  • Nice Fill box , firefox manager fillbox ugly