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  • I love it, it just loses 2 stars for integration I know it is hard, would be great if it just corrected in the text like a normal spellchecker.

    For those who have privacy concerns it is really easy to run your own server
    Update 2018-12-28: the latest version now underlines errors like a spell checker
  • Отличное дополнение все просто ясно и понятно и ничего лишнего с удовольствие ставлю 5 звезд
  • I write:

    El niño esta en la guarderia

    LanguageTool corrects me:

    El niño esta en la guardería

    The right thing is:

    El niño está en la guardería


    I write:

    eso esta echo


    eso esta echo

    The right thing is:

    Eso está hecho

    In Spanish the extension is still green, but it is a good idea
  • It really works for the purpose it is made for, Thank you!!
  • Good..
  • This extension is superb when i am typing English, but i wish it would support Norwegian Bokmål. It would have made it useful for me half of the time.

    It also didn't work when writing this review. Says "This site is not supported".
    Thanks for your review. We have to rely on the community when it comes to adding new languages. Unfortunately, adding support for a new language is more complicated than adding a list of words, which limits the number of people willing to work on this.

    About this website (addons.mozilla.org) not working - it's a hard restriction by Firefox. As far as I know, no add-on that requires access to the HTML page will work on addons.mozilla.org.
  • It would be cool if add-on will incopsulated into the text field like native firefox spell-checkin and like on the https://languagetool.org/.
  • read privacy policy exceptions on storing the data
    We have now clarified the privacy policy: storing data is *extremely* rare. Even then, only the single sentence that caused an issue is stored. And even then, we don't store an IP address. Storing data in these rare cases is the only way for us to fix very rare bugs, as users just don't report bugs most of the time.
  • Esta extensión debería venir por defecto con Firefox. Excelente.
  • Love no ads.
  • For grammar junkies like me ( seeing/hearing a grammatical error has the same effect as the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.), this is the ultimate Godsend. I sincerely can't say enough thanks. This snappy app also removes my ego-centered issue/phobia of accidentally sending out my writings with grammar sewage within because I somehow missed one (or more - eegads!). This is a sanity saving tool I want on my browser forever and a day. Outstanding job, dev!
  • Дуже корисний додаток. Допомагає часто відшукати ті помилки, котрі втомленими очима вже не помічаєш.
  • Keeps my big fingers from sending out something that looks like a three year old wrote it.
  • It does what it says it will do, and that's what's important.
  • Меня все устроило
  • Ty
  • Is this extension send text to ge languagetool.org servers for checking?
    By default, yes. The description of the add-on explains this, but it got somehow removed. I've added it again.