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  • Super gut!!!!!
  • Great spell checker, does what it says on the box. No frills, just a simple spell checker
  • I don't get it. In basic mode the ad-don does nothing. Right click on selected text opens new tab with misspelled word highlighted. And that's it. The misspelled word never gets replaced...and it shouldn't open a new tab either...as it is, it's useless. Please advise. Thank you...
    The add-on underlines errors while typing. That works on almost any site, except addons.mozilla.org, Chrome Webstore and Google Docs and very few others. If it doesn't work for you, please contact me at the address given at https://languagetool.org/legal/, specifying the website where it doesn't work. Using the context menu to open a new tab is meant for static texts, not for texts you have written into a text area.
  • Bonjour, très bonne extention. bien cordialement Alain
  • Intuitiva, rápida y eficaz