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  • Rating this 1 star because it begs for me to pay premium. I'm trying to write a story and need a checker and because Grammarly are content thieves I chose this one.

    I cannot check anything over 10k words, which is ridiculous.
    Sorry, the limit of 10,000 character is enough for most use cases on the web - we see that in our statistics. If you need more, you will indeed need to upgrade to premium. You can also check up to 20,000 characters for free at https://languagetool.org. Or you can download LanguageTool and have no limit at all.
  • Perfeito. A extensão certa para quem quer escrever corretamente em uma época que o português está sendo totalmente destruído e assassinado! Vale muito a pena!
  • an excellent tool for catching the few grammatical errors that I make in my haste to send a quick e-mail; kudos to the creators for their labor of love!
  • It is extremely helpful to have an add-on that checks grammar, not just spell-check
  • works perfect for me . top
  • En mi opinion me parece que la app es muy completa y comoda
  • Je trouve que ce module fonctionne de mieux en mieux (point de vue intégration, etc).
    Il n'est pas encore parfait pour la grammaire, mais la encore j'ai noté des améliorations.
  • Wybór jest ciężki pomiędzy Grammarly a Language Tool. Każde z tych narzędzi ma swoje plusy, na razie jednak Grammarly jest wyłączone i testuję Language tool. Zalety to kilka języków. Wady - sprawdzanie gubi się gdy zaczyna się używać korpo-mowy