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  • Super Ergebnis
  • Ich finde das Tool klasse. Nur stört es mich oftmals, dass es mir vorschlägt, zusammen geschriebene Wörter auseinander zu schreiben, obwohl der Duden es zusammen schreibt.
  • Es gab nur keine 5 Sterne weil diese Erweiterung bei über einen kostenpflichtigen Premium Bereich gibt - wobei ich sagen muss, das ich mit dem Umfang der hier verfügbaren freien Version sehr zufrieden bin und diese nicht mehr missen möchte.
    Korrigiert nicht nur Rechtschreibfehler, sondern auch die Grammatik der Sätze und andere arten von Flüchtigkeitsfehlern
    kann ich nur empfehlen für jeden Nutzer mit einer Tastatur ;)
  • Мне очень нравится! Помогает исправлять "очепятки" и случайные ошибки!
  • This tool helps me a lot to improve my English skills. As I like precision and clarity I would not want to work without Language Tool.
  • Since some recent point it started to behave in a weird manner with FF.

    Once it is enabled and once I type some text in a text area, the text area starts to shrink its vertical size automatically till the point it messes up displaying the text completely.

    It worked fine before :/.
    Please contact us at https://languagetool.org/legal/ or https://forum.languagetool.org with a detailed description of where this happens and how we can reproduce it.
  • Absolutely fantastic piece of software, except for when it stops working entirely to push you an incredibly unsubtle ad for their premium service.
    The basic (non-premium) checks always work, we're not aware of a single case where the premium ad made the basic checks stop. Please post details on how to reproduce to either https://forum.languagetool.org/ or contact us directly at https://languagetool.org/legal/
  • EDIT: thanks for the reply! So, although this add-on is not a spell checker, it may be connected locally to one, a HUGE one, for that matter (about 180 MiB currently, plus some gibibytes/gigabytes, according to the developer). It's in Java, what means it could be downloaded for off-line use on different platforms (yes, I know Java is not as portable as advertised, but that's not the point...) I'm granting the five stars based on the on-line results, because my conscience won't let me use a spell checker that is bigger than all my text editors plus browsers plus pretty much every piece of software that can handle texts on my computer. I think it could be an amazing tool for publishers (although it would probably choke parsing texts like those by Philip K. Dick...)
    Please read the documentation under "Offline use". You're free to install the server locally. It can't be part of the add-on, as it's about 170 MB in size plus a few GB data.
  • buen funcionamiento y muy intuitivo