332 reviews
  • Excelente, a buena hora.
  • Exelente corrector 100% recomendable.
  • Very robust multilingual spellchecker.
  • Sehr praktische Hilfe! Empfehlung
  • Tut was es soll!
    Ich benutze ebenfalls die Extension für LibreOffice und bin auch damit sehr zufrieden!
  • been using for quite awhile great spell checker, only problem cannot find UK version
    Just click the circle icon in the lower right corner of a text field. The popup that appears has a list of languages where you can select English (UK).
  • Constantly changes languages everyday! Very frustrating to use.
    Please contact us at https://languagetool.org/legal/ - this is a bug and we will fix it, but for that, we need more detailed information.
  • Muy bien salvo que tiene algún fallo y resulta muy lento en ventanas de edición HTML como TinyMCE
    Thanks for your feedback. Could you contact us directly (https://languagetool.org/legal/) so we can work on the performance issue? Many performance bugs have been fixed already, so we need specific examples of where it's still slow.
  • I find this extension really helpful
  • All in all this is an amazing cool tool!

    Nevertheless it has some nasty problems:
    edit: Deleted – reported problems were not issues of this addon.
    New issue: good support! ;-)
    Thanks for your feedback. As we cannot reproduce these issues, could you contact us directly (https://languagetool.org/legal/) so we can understand when exactly this happens?
  • It is great!!!
  • Дуже корисне розширення, дозволяє швидко коригувати помилки.
  • I have been using it a few months, so far so good
  • Mooi hulpmiddelen bij andere talen alleen spijtig dat na verbetering de fouten terug gezet worden maar waarschijnlijk ligt dat een mijn verkeerd gebruik. zeker aan te bevelen.
    Thanks for your feedback. What you describe sounds like a bug. Could you contact us directly about this (https://languagetool.org/legal/)?
  • Sehr gute´s rechtschreib und Gramatik Add-on
  • Très pertinent mais un peu trop à cheval sur les règles de typographie (espaces insécables).
    Thanks for your feedback. If a specific rule doesn't seem useful to you, you can always easily turn it off in the popup that appears when clicking on the error.