678 reviews
  • the add-on slows down the browser way too much. There's an unacceptable long delay between typing letters and the apperance in a text box.
    Which page does this happen on? We have almost 50,000 users on Firefox, and we haven't heard this complaint for many months, so chances are good this is limited to a specific page.
  • Refuses to work no matter what I do. I have tried Restart Firefox, delete and reinstall the extension, Delete the extension then uninstall Firefox then reinstall Firefox then the extension. Nothing worked.
  • lack dictionary feature. I wanted dictionary features similar to grammarly.
    Plz see grammarly what I wanted to say here ''Show definitions and synonyms
    via double clicks (all sites)'' I want this feature.
    For every unknown word, there's a (+) icon which lets you add the word to your dictionary. If there are issues with that, please contact us via the "feedback" link in the add-on.
  • Works as advertised, it really does what it is supposed to do.