267 reviews
  • It is barely more useful than the default spell checker. What I wanted from this is an auto-detect for auto-switching languages. It hasn't implemented it. It also doesn't show the squiggly lines and is quite buggy.

    But above all, it uploads every keystroke to its corporate servers... So... uninstall immediately, how bloated and intrusive is that? No thank you, either take all the code to the client add-on or don't make a spelling add-on at all....
    The server component is more than 100MB large plus a few GB of data, I wonder how we should put that into the add-on? Also, if you're concerned about privacy, why don't you install the server locally? It's all documented under "Offline use".
  • This extension is excellent. It is a great proof reader. I need this since I am a terrible typist. Thank you for LanguageTool Grammar Checker. Now, I am confident that what I type will be the best version of what I am saying via my typing and writing.
  • Ein genial einfaches, längs überfälliges Toll zur Reflexion der eigenen Texte.
    Ein Dankeschön!