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  • I am a person who tries to conserve as much as money as possible, when I first tried Invisible Hand, I was "Hey, why not give it a try". I was amazed on prices it gave me, they were extremely low. Without even thinking about it, I knew that this add- on was going to become my best friend. I remember one time when I needed to find a local store near where I live with the lowest prices on groceries my mother told me to buy. I was lost at the moment, but I also knew that I had a resource that was going to help me out; Easy Hand helped me a lot. I currently use it, and is so helpful, I truly is an amazing add-on that will save you a lot of money!!!!!!
    That's brilliant news, thanks for review Jonathan!
  • Looking to be doing some major travelling sometime later this year so this is an essential tool to help me cost and plan our route.
    Glad to hear it!
  • I am pathetic at shopping,whenever i go for shopping alone i usually pay more than the actual price, and at times i buy bad products for higher prices,for i cant bargain.i cant make my mind and everything looks the same to me, so i usually take my mom along with me.shopping online is much more difficult and invisible hand makes it so smooth, it's like going out for shopping with my mom.Invisible hand is my virtual mother,like my mother it lets me check products,knows my requirements and selects the best product for me and bargains for me. Shopping was never so much fun and i can trust invisible hands with my eyes closed.
    Thanks for the great review! We're glad to hear InvisibleHand is so useful to you :-)
  • Okay, I like the idea. I have Firefox on this laptop but I just downloaded the latest version (in the library, which has a faster connection than I do at home). I want to SAVE the addons to install after I upgrade and also to use on a brand new computer that isn't going to leave home. Is there any way to download and save it?

    Firefox should automatically ask you if you want to save your add-ons when you upgrade your browser, it'll pop up and ask you in a separate window.

    I hope this helps, if not then email us at info@getinvisiblehand.com :-)
  • It is a very useful add on for shopping, it helped me a lot. During my online shopping it showed me a lot of products with lower price rate and with this add on I could save a lot of money.
    Great news, this is what we like to hear!
  • Whenever I try and buy something on the internet, it's a real struggle to find the best deals. Often, after I have bought something, I soon find a better deal, which is very annoying. But now, with InvisibleHand, all that has changed. This revolutionary add-on means I no longer have to trudge through endless web pages to find the deal that is best for me. This add-on has saved a huge amount of time and money, and I am truly grateful. I would recommend InvisibleHand to anyone who has the same problems as me when buying things online. This add-on is truly wonderful. Thank you InvisibleHand!
    Thanks for your great review!

    We're glad to hear you're enjoying using InvisibleHand so much :-)
  • I enjoy having this add-on. Many times I'm comparing prices for textbooks or things around the house and it saves me some time. It's not completely fool proof, but since it doesn't waste anytime using it, any benefit is an added bonus.
  • Great !
  • I have tried this addon now for a few weeks and although it has worked much of the time, often i find it offers a cheaper alternative on zavvi.com. Then when I click the link, zavvi does not have the item or indeed never has. It does however take me to other zavvi advertising. Just wondering what zavvi are handing over to invisible hand for this. Seems fishy to me...

    Thanks for your feedback, we can't seem to replicate this. It would be really helpful if you could email us an example url of when you've seen Zavvi in an InvisibleHand notification, and the link then takes you to an empty Zavvi page.

    Would you be able to email this to: info@getinvisiblehand.com so we can fix this for you?

    Thanks :-)
  • Gives you viable options. A potential money saver.
  • I've used this (now v3.6.8 on Ffox 11) for years on several versions of Ffox and it's been reliable and quite convenient. One of my essential shopping addons. Why not the only one? Doesn't cover some of the stores that others do; and vice-versa. Thanks for your hard work. - Rob
  • This is one of the most useful apps I have used. I'm a power shopper, and this app takes care of checking prices for me. Works with most major online retailers. Does exactly as described.
  • Really really useful. It finds a better price on many products and recently helped with a hotel room too. The main area for improvement would be to appear on all retailers, but it does seem to cover most of the popular ones. Definitely a keeper.
  • doesnt always show the best price deleted after 1hr
  • It really works, I am using it past one month and it's wonderful
  • It works!
  • I have this add on for more than one year, I suppose, but forgot completely about it because it never ever shows any comparison price. Maybe I visit the wrong places ;)

    Thanks for the review, as you can see from our extension gallery we update InvisibleHand regularly - have you tried uninstalling and then installing the latest version of InvisibleHand? Or perhaps you've downloaded another extension which conflicts with InvisibleHand over the past year?

    We will be able to help further if you drop us an email at: info@getinvisiblehand.com.

    Thanks :)
  • If it works it´s great, but sometimes it just doesn´t, even on the same website!
  • Excellent add-on though does not always show price comparison - seems a little temperamental.

    Note to developer:-
    Install rdf presently showing <em:maxVersion>8.*</em:maxVersion>
    Should be 9.01 (or 99 as I have amended mine ;) )
  • I did review this before, but can't find it anywhere. This simply does not work...then it does...then it doesn't. At first I thought it was because of adblock plus or better privacy, but even with them disabled this does not work. Well it works sometimes, then other times it doesn't.

    No I will not email you for further help, as the fact is that an add-on should work upon download and not need any messing about with.

    Thanks for your review. InvisibleHand covers over 600 retailers and 1000s of products, but we're still expanding.

    Perhaps when you don't see a notification it is because we haven't added that retailer yet? We love hearing suggestions from users for retailers they regularly use and would like to see in InvisibleHand, it maybe a case of we haven't come across them yet - or unfortunately they don't have the right criteria to be picked up by InvisibleHand's price searches.

    Another reason you might not see a notification is if the retailer hasn't added the common product code to this product, if the product doesn't have this code then it won't be picked up by InvisibleHand in the price search. These product codes are vital as products can't be compared only by name, the names vary between retailers whereas the product codes never do.

    I hope that helps and you can continue to save money using InvisibleHand, don't forget to just ask if there's a retailer you want to see added.

  • tried with the example given in the InvisibleHand page and the plugin suggestion is different from what the page says... bummer. time waster!
    Hi Adler,

    That's a shame, but it's fixable!

    Can you email info@getinvisiblehand.com and we will be able to sort this out for you.

  • I can't start Invisible Hand, how i can bring it to work?

    Thanks for the review, have you checked in your Tools > Add-ons to see if InvisibleHand is there and if it's enabled?

    If it's not there then it hasn't downloaded, for more help email info@getinvisiblehand.com :)
  • A very useful add-on that helps to save a lot of money. It´s not as annoying as other add-ons, that occupy too much space on your screen. On the downside, more retailers need to be integrated into this add-on.
    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your review, we would be happy to hear any suggestions for retailers you would like to see on InvisibleHand. Just email them over to info@getinvisiblehand.com and we will hopefully be able to add them for you!

  • Great addon, saved me loads of money. Very unobtrusive, and very surprised to find it works on flights as well!
  • The developer replied promptly concerning the problem with IH and FF 8.01. Based upon their instructions the add on now works correctly. don't know why it caused a problem in the first place but, it now works as it should and I appreciate their quick response!