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  • One big con, because they only put in sites they get paid for (no Ebuyer for instance), hence when I was looking at a "samsung syncmaster b2230h" it told me the best price was £142 on oyyy.co.uk, when I checked elsewhere there were around eight better places including Tesco for £95.

    A complete waste of time.
    Thanks for your review, InvisibleHand actually works with over 600 retailers and we're constantly working to add more.

    In most cases, when a retailer appears to be missing, it's actually because that retailer is unable to provide product data, not because of commercial considerations.

    If you have any other questions please let us know either here or email them to info@getinvisiblehand.com
  • I only wish it covered more websites, but so far (little over a year) it has been good and it has helped me discover some new websites to shop at! :)
  • Earlier versions of Invisible Hand used to be quite useful, but more recent versions often grab small parts of an item description and show a totally different kind of item that just happens to contain the same sequence of characters. E.g., today I was checking the price of a P101 battery for a Ryobi power tool on the Home Depot Web site, and Invisible Hand showed me a T-shirt on Amazon that just happened to have a catalog# of P101. Ridiculous!

    Thanks for your comment, we'd love to help if you would like to email us an example URL of when this has happened?

    We use price feeds from retailers and use their product codes to compare the prices, not the product names, so this shouldn't happen! Thanks for letting us know, we really appreciate hearing any user issues so we can fix them for the future!

    Please drop us an email at info@invisiblehand.com with an example URL.

    Thanks :-)
  • Anda muy bien. Muy conveniente para hacer tus compras.
  • purchases will it work
  • muy bueno
  • I resell PC products and aggressively seek the lowest price so I can offer competitive pricing to my clients. I read about this in a ZDNet newsletter this morning and after reading a few reviews here, plugged it in about an hour ago, so these are initial impressions.

    Comparison pricing is accurate and includes all of my main go-to sites. Amazon vendors appear to be included in their lowest price. Toolbar is nicely done with no "figgering" needed.

    Noticeable site lag while IH compiles initial comparison pricing, but acceptable. Not sure of long-term add-on impact to FF. Does not include shipping and this is perhaps my largest concern so far. Competitive SH will drive one out-of-pocket higher than another with a lower list. The Retailers button drop-down does show shipping, but perhaps a pricing consideration to weigh for future builds.

    It appears it will save my browsing time quite a bit. So far so good. I like it.
  • Best Shopping addon I have ever used. Saved me 100's of dollars
  • It used to work fairly well for me, but recently it has stopped and doesn't find anything at all. On many sites such as google search, it very rarely even show the toolbar. When it does show the toolbar saying it is searching for cheaper prices, it never finds any.

    I think that this has only occurred since I updated to the latest version 3.1.5.

    I installed the latest version in both Cyberfox 52.9.1, Waterfox 56.2.12 and Firefox 65.01 to try it out and it still does not find any relevant results. The best it came up with for product searches were USA $ results and that was after setting the preference to United Kingdom. After 8 years since my first review, it still does not work!! Utterly useless IMO.
  • Simply great plugin! very useful.
  • Five stars for functionality, 1 star for tracking and non-disclosure.

    Author deserves to generate income from this extension, but full disclosure is needed:

    Amazon and Buy.com links are direct and only include an affiliate code.

    Other suggested sites are funneled through advertising and tracking links e.g. doubleclick.net, jdoqocy.net, redirectingat.com. This is alluded to in the privacy policy, but no specific sites are mentioned.

    The latest version no longer works with some ad-blocking solutions due to the redirection above. Version 2.9.1 continues to function. (Firefox 4.0)
    InvisibleHand has always used affiliate links in order to ensure that we can continue to develop the product and add new features such as the new automated flight comparison. We only work with the mainstream affiliate networks - the same ones which are used by other well known comparison sites. We abide by a strict privacy policy and do not collect any personally identifiable information.
  • I've tried all these buying add-ons, and so far the best (or least worst) I've found is Similar Sites, which is not specifically for buying but has that feature as an add-on.
  • The latest update is halted by noscript and the page has to be approved temporarily before it will shift from checking prices

    The previous version was not affected this way
  • Most recent update (before 4/6/2011) has made Invisible Hand display advertisements where they are not welcome... finding obscure product matches for random google searches? Not cool. Popping over my iGoogle page because I follow store RSS feeds? Not convenient. Disabling until an option is provided to exclude pages or an "on demand" toggle. Otherwise, great product (when I'm shopping!)
    I'm pleased to say that there are no ads in InvisibleHand. For over a year, InvisibleHand has had the option to show product notifications at the top of Google search. They're not ads, and most users find these useful. However, they are optional and can be disabled via InvisibleHand preferences in the add-ons manager.
  • Good!!
  • I forgot to add in my previous review that when this app states "free shipping" and it refers the buyer to Amazon that generally Amazon "free shipping" is for purchases of $25 or more.
  • Well, this is quite useful!

    One feature I would like to see is the option to manually include new sites :)
  • I'd like if it were possible to put in my zip code and have it automatically retrieve and factor in s&h costs. As it is, there's a lot of bouncing around for me, finding out whether or not the addon is telling the truth about it being cheaper somewhere else. That said, good idea and good implementation! I would recommend it.
  • Having upgraded to firefox 4 invisible hand is installed but is not working and not showing on the add-on bar.
    I'm pleased to say that InvisibleHand works fine in Firefox 4. Please try restarting your browser and then try this Amazon URL as an example. http://www.amazon.com/Moonwalking-Einstein-Science-Remembering-Everything/dp/159420229X/

    We've chosen to not show the icon in the add-on bar because the icon had become superfluous. It did not add any functionality, and used up screen real-estate.

    Happy to answer any additional questions: info@getinvisiblehand.com
  • This add on caused multiple problems for me after it was added and only found out by researching on the web what was causing my Firefox browser to crash just about every time I did a search with Google. In addition to that the search results and/or some type of pop up features was all like advertising rather that what the program said it would do. But the crash problems sent the program add on over the edge for me. Once I disabled and removed this add-on the crash problems were immediately resolved and went away. It was/is extremely resource intensive, especially when you are like me with multiple tabs open and often multiple searches on the internet in process.
  • IH caused a major problem in version 2.8 for those who also use the popular TabMix Plus add-on.

    This problem was acknowledged and repaired in version 2.9. But the update to version 2.9.1 brought back the problems from v 2.8.

    Again, the first opened tab will no longer close and the page load on the first tab never seems to complete.

    I sent an email to IH 3 days ago but have yet to receive a reply in return.

    Version 3.0 resolves this issue.
  • This add on not only finds low price options but also conveniently displays buyer ratings.
  • The only thing that has bothered me about this addon since the early beta stages of FF4 (and still appears this way in Beta9) is that the InvisibleHand icon down in the corner appears on its own separate bar taking up valuable screen space. Please make it so that the icon appears inline with the rest of the add-on icons.

    The problem can be seen here
  • Brilliant addon, but still needs some work.

    Ideally it should distinguish between € EUR prices and £ POUND. I often shop on play in Euro and it shows me that certain item is cheaper on amazon.co.uk (in Pounds)...
    Maybe it could also use a conversion rate to check the difference in price?

    A am looking forward to the next version.

  • Great add on! Works as it should in Firefox 4 Beta 8 :)