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  • Most recent update (before 4/6/2011) has made Invisible Hand display advertisements where they are not welcome... finding obscure product matches for random google searches? Not cool. Popping over my iGoogle page because I follow store RSS feeds? Not convenient. Disabling until an option is provided to exclude pages or an "on demand" toggle. Otherwise, great product (when I'm shopping!)
    I'm pleased to say that there are no ads in InvisibleHand. For over a year, InvisibleHand has had the option to show product notifications at the top of Google search. They're not ads, and most users find these useful. However, they are optional and can be disabled via InvisibleHand preferences in the add-ons manager.
  • Good!!
  • I forgot to add in my previous review that when this app states "free shipping" and it refers the buyer to Amazon that generally Amazon "free shipping" is for purchases of $25 or more.
  • Well, this is quite useful!

    One feature I would like to see is the option to manually include new sites :)
  • I'd like if it were possible to put in my zip code and have it automatically retrieve and factor in s&h costs. As it is, there's a lot of bouncing around for me, finding out whether or not the addon is telling the truth about it being cheaper somewhere else. That said, good idea and good implementation! I would recommend it.
  • Having upgraded to firefox 4 invisible hand is installed but is not working and not showing on the add-on bar.
    I'm pleased to say that InvisibleHand works fine in Firefox 4. Please try restarting your browser and then try this Amazon URL as an example. http://www.amazon.com/Moonwalking-Einstein-Science-Remembering-Everything/dp/159420229X/

    We've chosen to not show the icon in the add-on bar because the icon had become superfluous. It did not add any functionality, and used up screen real-estate.

    Happy to answer any additional questions: info@getinvisiblehand.com
  • This add on caused multiple problems for me after it was added and only found out by researching on the web what was causing my Firefox browser to crash just about every time I did a search with Google. In addition to that the search results and/or some type of pop up features was all like advertising rather that what the program said it would do. But the crash problems sent the program add on over the edge for me. Once I disabled and removed this add-on the crash problems were immediately resolved and went away. It was/is extremely resource intensive, especially when you are like me with multiple tabs open and often multiple searches on the internet in process.
  • IH caused a major problem in version 2.8 for those who also use the popular TabMix Plus add-on.

    This problem was acknowledged and repaired in version 2.9. But the update to version 2.9.1 brought back the problems from v 2.8.

    Again, the first opened tab will no longer close and the page load on the first tab never seems to complete.

    I sent an email to IH 3 days ago but have yet to receive a reply in return.

    Version 3.0 resolves this issue.
  • This add on not only finds low price options but also conveniently displays buyer ratings.
  • The only thing that has bothered me about this addon since the early beta stages of FF4 (and still appears this way in Beta9) is that the InvisibleHand icon down in the corner appears on its own separate bar taking up valuable screen space. Please make it so that the icon appears inline with the rest of the add-on icons.

    The problem can be seen here
  • Brilliant addon, but still needs some work.

    Ideally it should distinguish between € EUR prices and £ POUND. I often shop on play in Euro and it shows me that certain item is cheaper on amazon.co.uk (in Pounds)...
    Maybe it could also use a conversion rate to check the difference in price?

    A am looking forward to the next version.

  • Great add on! Works as it should in Firefox 4 Beta 8 :)
  • One of my favorite addons for Firefox. And it just gets better and better.
  • That's a good one to get better prices! I hope this gets the five stars it deserves and continues getting better.
  • very cool stuff.
  • Fantastic Add-In, saves me a ton of time, when I am shopping for my tech and electronics stuff.
    You will see a little alert if it finds other pricing and it is you choice whether to click on it and have a little Windows tell you the locations and pricing. Then just click and it will take you to the other vendor.
    Jennifer, HOW the heck can it possibly include shipping costs and not take forever to come up and be brutal to look at ? Most places you have a choice on shipping and it varies depending on location. It can't be psychic.
  • It's actually quite fun. Though as dakatone I had some strange things. But it definitely is worth a 4
  • We always buy stuff online and this has been really great in helping us finding the best prices. I do wish that it would be able to take more into account the shipping costs though. Sometimes the lowest price doesn't include shipping, which when you add, can end up costing more than the next two or three things.

    Excellent and useful for comparing prices. Now, however, it has become a pop-up adware machine: When I looked up "North Carolina" on Wikipedia, I got a drop-down ad urging me to "Buy Big Bubba's Guide to North Carolina BBQ at Buy.com!" No thank you -- I uninstalled the extension. If future versions include an option to omit the drop-down ads, I'll try it. Until then, NOBODY WANTS MORE ADVERTISING IN THEIR BROWSER, EINSTEIN!!!
    Please accept my apologies for the errant notification. InvisibleHand had mistaken that page for a book listing and shown a notification. This isn't supposed to happen, and we'll be fixing the issue within the next few days. InvisibleHand is not Adware. It only shows notifications when you're browsing a product. In this specific instance. it made an error, and we'll be fixing it imminently.
  • The concept is wonderful, and when the plugin does actually work as expected it is also wonderful. However, it fails on many products that have complex product number differentiations and customizations resulting in different products. An example is laptop computers. The plugin keeps sending a message that the $2400 Macbook Pro I was looking at was available for $485. Needless to say it points to a Netbook on Amazon. It also, as specified by some, has issues when it comes to shipping. Granted this can be a tricky problem especially with sites such as Amazon where free shipping has dependencies.

    All-in-all I give the idea behind the plugin 5 stars, but the current implementation drags the total rating down to 2 stars.
  • nice concept ... but ... doesn't work at all... strange that it would be a featured plugin when its totally useless :(
  • good
  • Great idea but it doesn't separate the product price from any shipping fees. So most of the time it's wrong about which site is really the lowest priced. If I have to check five or six sites I really don't need this add on. Taking it off until they improve it.
  • great!
  • It a money saver and a fun one (well if you like shopping...)