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  • I love this thing. It's simple, gives you what you want, which you can edit OUTSIDE the f'n brow-zer -- and it's fast. It doesn't kill my little computer with 4GB, either.

  • Am I really dumb? I can't figure out how to
    1. get margins on saved PDFS- page breaks cut through the middle of lines,
    2. register (I paid in 2016) and what extra features become available on registration?

    It takes better screenshots than anything else EXCEPT for the saveas PDF bug!

    Some nice clear findable instructions would be appreciated. Text search of wkis for "margin" turned up nothing.

  • Excelente extensão para Firefox e para Chrome, uma ferramenta essencial!

  • 对快速标记图片内容并附上相关连内容很有帮助,对于需要快速借助图片来清晰解释问题的情况很有帮助.
    it's useful to describe things related to the picture quickly and logically


    Error: couldn't open library sss.dll
    In most cases, disabling the anti-virus software or FireShot reinstall helps.

    Linux dont use fucking dll's ... what a pain in the arse

    once the best, not the worst.

  • En sevdiğim plugins :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Emeği geçen her kese sonsuz içtenlikle teşekkürlerim sunarım

  • сохраняет только видимую область, в общем обман.

  • I am still having issues with Fireshot and Firefox 60.0. It appears I had a trial version of Fireshot Pro installed which worked with Firefox 60.0 but this has now expired and I am unable to revert to Fireshot Lite. I have Fireshot version installed and have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it with no success. Could you please tell me how I can change to Fireshot Lite.

  • best webshot app

  • Fantastic - so many features and very flexible - especially love the export to OneNote capability; being able to append to an existing page is great. Instructions and demos make it very easy to use. A thoroughly professional and reliable web extension.

  • I've used this extension since it first hit the screens. I love it because it is not only versatile, it is friendly and intuitive to use. Plus, absolutely super tech support.

  • Fonctionne bien ;)

  • I've used FS for years, and have the Pro license. Overall, it's the most capable, stable, feature-rich screen-cap utility I've found. Especially helpful is the ability to re-open annotated captures to continue to modify annotations.

    The utility is continually updated, and the dev seems more responsive than typically is the case with web extensions.

    The export functionality to One Note is a big deal for me. I live my work day in One Note.

    Complaints? Oh, a couple, but they're not dealbreakers. I wish someone would break the logjam with Microsoft so FS can be made available on Edge. The resolution of my monitor (3000x2000) renders the menu buttons of the FS editor very tiny, and menu text is super small (overall monitor baseline scale is already set to 200%). And I wish it were possible to draw arrows on screen-caps without the text box always automatically coming along for the ride. Better would be the ability to choose the additional markup elements in an additive, not subtractive, way.

    And then, a strange behavior: Whenever I select a color (for an arrow, or a box fill, etc.) from the palette, the selection never works on the first click; always only on the second.

    Minor things. Overall, FS is a faithful, solid workhorse.

  • Finalmente oggi ho potuto installarlo su FF 60.0

    ?? ho detto che è tutto OK!

    Developer response

    Hello, please update to v.

  • Instalando la extensión desde la página oficial (https://getfireshot.com/fireshot-install.exe) vuelve a funcionar con Firefox 60.0

  • Like the extension, but it no longer works under firefox 6.0 The update instructions from the developer do not help, the extension remains incompatible with firefox. My rating is based on it's past performance, the current issue and hope it will again be compatible. If it again works with firefox it will get 5 stars

  • The best extension to easily export to pdf file (or other formats of your choice), either entire webpage, selection or visible part. I use it all the time. Thanks for a fabulous extension.
    I also had trouble installing in it Firefox 60.0 but found FireShot_0.98.94.11.exe on the internet and downloaded it. Removed my existing Fireshot extension first, then closed Firefox and installed the exe file. Worked a treat and I hope this will help others who have trouble installing it in the new version of Firefox.
    (In the installing process you can choose which browser(s) Fireshot will be installed into.)

    Developer response

    Hello, please update to v.

  • Perfect!

    But can't use it after fire fox upgrade to 60.0

    cannot be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 60.0

    Developer response

    Thanks. It's compatible.

    1. Remove FireShot
    2. Reinstall
    3. Enjoy

  • A must have add-on, thanks so much to susbox.

    I keep waiting for an update to work with 60.0

    Edit 13/05/2018

    'Either remove/reinstall it'. Once removed, you can't reinstall it, Firefox doesn't allow to do that.

    Developer response

    Thank you - It's compatible to FX 60. Either remove/reinstall it, or do a manual extension update check.

  • Have been using it for years with the regular updates. Unfortunately now I've updated to Firefox 60.0 it no longer works and I can't reinstall it as it says the signature can't be verified! Am really disappointed!

    Developer response

    Me too, because you even cannot afford anything, except 1 star, despite using FireShot for years.

    P.S. 1. Remove. 2. Reinstall. 3. Keep using.

  • Great add-on, but unfortunately it stopped working after update to Firefox 6.0

  • 非常好,但是最新版本用不了....蛋疼
    it's very great. but I cannot use it by firefox 60.0.

    Developer response

    Thanks. It's compatible.

    1. Remove FireShot
    2. Reinstall
    3. Enjoy


    I hope there will be a FireShot update that will fix this issue soon. Thank you for developing this fantastic add-on!

    EDIT 1 >>> STILL NOT COMPATIBLE<<< (May 10, 2018): I just tried to install the add-on using a new (untouched) Firefox profile....it still says it cannot be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 60.0 That indicates to me that your add-on needs to be made compatible with 60.0.

    EDIT 2 (May 12, 2018): Since this developer doesn't believe that his add-on isn't compatible with Firefox 60.0, I went looking around for a replacement add-on. I found one! "Nimbus Screen Capture" does basically the same thing as Fireshot (free version)...maybe even better. Anyway, anyone who is tired of waiting for Fireshot to update can give "Nimbus" a try. Hope this helps Firefox 60.0 users out there. Have a nice day!

    Developer response

    Normally, Firefox should do this check automatically, but for some reasons this does not happen to some users. Apologies.

  • It's incompatible with Thunderbird 52.7.0, the current version so I'm disappointed. If not for that I would gladly give it 5 stars. I recognize that few of us are users of Thunderbird and Fireshot both, but obviously we are a very special group and deserve the utmost of consideration ;}

  • Great! I also use its chrome version.