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579 reviews for this add-on
  • It's incompatible with Thunderbird 52.7.0, the current version so I'm disappointed. If not for that I would gladly give it 5 stars. I recognize that few of us are users of Thunderbird and Fireshot both, but obviously we are a very special group and deserve the utmost of consideration ;}

  • Great! I also use its chrome version.

  • firefox version auto updates even when updates are turned off. not cool.

  • Works!

  • Très bien ! répond parfaitement à mes besoins.

  • 总体功能还是非常不错的,只是细节上还需要再进行完善。1.缺少一些必要的设置选项,例如:取消fireshot的右键菜单等设置项。2.缺少可以设置成截图后自动弹出保存对话框的功能,以前是有这样的功能的。
    Overall, Fireshot is pretty good, but the details need further improvement. 1. We neet more options to setup fireshot, for example, turn off fireshot's right-click menu and so on. 2. We need the "save as" dialog shown directly when we catch a shot. While the "save as" dialog option can be set like this in some previous versions.

  • It doesn't work on Android

  • Installed it to take a single screenshot of a single page, it fails miserably - does essentially nothing at all but scroll through the page. No feedback nothing saved in none of the locations it claims to save stuff. Spent 1 hour trying different configurations - now I have given up, just trash this thing.

  • Best screenshot tool in the market, easy to use.

    Can you update for firefox developer edition 6?

  • Отличное дополнение!

  • Works for me with Firefox 59. I had some issue on capturing a while webpage that had frames - the screen was re-rendered and the frames were not captured and the frame area was remaining white instead. Other than that the tool works fine.

  • great job

  • not working with the lastest Firefox 60b3. please update it asap

  • Entire page screenshot has got interruption lines when page need to be scrolled down.. Definitely not suitable for Entire page screenshot

  • Excellent extension, but it's be disabled by firefox in latest developer edition (version number 60.0a2). please update ASAP!

  • 量子火狐上使用,頻頻出現會拖慢瀏覽器速度的訊息,無法使用。
    Doesn't work in my Firefox Quantum

  • very useful tool

  • First they took away the overhead skins... Then they took away the tab utility options... Then they took away the download status bar... And when i thought it couldn't get any worse, perhaps my most useful app of all, that of FireShot was deactivated and no longer worked... I never thought i would get FireShot back, but left it installed on my list of add - on anyways for a small chance of hope someone will update it and i wouldn't have to uninstall Firefox for a different browser as this would've been the final straw without FireShot handy... I have been using this app for many years since like FF27 or so about... I love the numerous snapshot options for full page, highlighted selected area, visible screen only etc - etc - etc., and the edit and save location and other options along with varying methods on how to take a snapshot via icon or context menu etc... This is literally the best online snapshot app available ever and the only one that i will use personally, and if Firefox gets rid of it then it will be a long sad goodbye since FF3... Thankfully someone saved it and i just now found this bypass update to get it working again... Thank You, So Much!!!

  • Excellent and very useful ! Thanks in advance for updating the app to be available for the latest firefox !

    Developer response

    Thank you, it's updated now.

  • Not working with newest firefox 58.01. Sad day :(

    Previously * * * * *

    Updated, working again !

  • It is a very useful add-on. Unfortunately, it does not work with the recent Firefox security update 58.0.1. Please make it compatible with Firefox 58.0.1 as soon as possible.

  • It's very useful for me.

  • Capture the webpage with flawless images! Love it. :D

  • Print everything as seen on website... no pun intended

  • Very fast