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  • I miss the functionality this addon used to have. It doesn't even remember the last folder used anymore and you can't enter a new path unless it's a sub-folder of Downloads. Even says so in the instructions. It's still the best alternative but I can't rate it high because it's so much more awkward to use than it used to be.
  • Супер, очень удобный скриншотер, куча возможностей, работает без багов, мне нравится.
  • very useful, thanx
  • Perfect solusion, great work friends :-)
  • This free add on is very useful tool to grab a portion of the web screen but lacks the feature of highlighting a portion of the grabbed image to make it noticeable. Addition of highlighting marker in this free utility will be highly welcomed.
    Thank you! You can try the advanced features: https://youtu.be/9ajIc2L7U3c
  • I love this extension so freakin' much! It's my go-to method for taking screenshots on my computer. The one reason I didn't give it 5 stars is, because they don't offer a way to save and store screenshots online and so it forces you to save them to your computer. I really wish they provided people with *free* member accounts to save and store their screenshots on. This way my screenshots don't take up space on my computer and so I don't have to figure out another place to save something (I have quite enough saved on my pc from being a graduate student).
    Thank you, this functionality is available with the advanced features installed: https://youtu.be/9ajIc2L7U3c
  • I love this screenshot, but the new Firefox 68.0 is not compatible.. once this is fixed, i can change the stars to 5 and reload it for use.
    Please update it manually.