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  • best
  • I think it is the greatest one I have ever used.
  • One of the easiest to use and best screen shot savers! FireShot gives the user choices on how and what to save.
  • Works great!
  • C'est un outil formidable pour capturer rapidement les pages internet qu'on souhaite enregistrer en image ou pdf sur l'ordinateur. Très facile de s'en servir. Merci
  • The best tool I've found.. though sometimes crashes on longer webpages (might be hardware and/or Windows related issue), skips some lines or banners get in the way on some webpages (i.e. allmusic.com).. being perfect is an impossible thing to ask!
  • Very satisfied with this extension, many problematic printscreens saved (specially in case Firefox print preview is just a mess).