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  • I do a LOT of research, and this app is TOPS for speed as well as for allowing clickable links in pdf form. I've never had a problem - and every time I get a new computer I add this app to chrome, edge and firefox (yes.... I use all three!!). Super easy to use, clear as a bell pics, saves formatting, and is just plain PERFECT!
  • 希望捕捉选定区域时,能截图鼠标悬停出现的字。
  • I find it's useful for getting screencaps of websites. Also, you can select portions to print if the Print Friendly add on doesn't work.
  • I use Fireshot for a number of uses but primarily Internet Research, I have also used other proprietary software for recording and screen capture, but as a free tool this far exceeds these in the simplicity of its use and the quality of reproduction.
  • Ubuntu Firefox user
  • Far better than Easy Screenshot! With this there is no popup etc on the page image. You just get what you actually see. Awesome! Thank you developer
  • The first webpage screenshot I try that really works! Great add-on!
  • you made my work life easier
    thanks a lot
  • Great: This also works with https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/yawas-web-and-pdf-highlighter.
  • I was using Screenshot till I upgraded to latest Firefox. This add on is excellent I can save to PDF if need be or .png. among other features. Big times saver.
  • very nice