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  • Cet add-on plante très souvent

  • So far, so good

  • used it on safari with no issues. had to log in once and awhile when black dot appeared in elephant icon.
    red dot today in Firefox icon. but clicking it will not take me to evernote log in.
    pretty dumb.

  • I love the ability to clip, however I have to keep re-loading the add-on every time I want to use it. It works when I first download, but a few days later when I want to use it again, it doesn't work, and i have to re download it. Would give 5 stars if it continued to work.

  • This Evernote Web Clipper works PERFECTLY. Evernote has always been and will always be the best note taking app ever.

  • Super addon, with a big **BUT**!

    **BUT**: The Evernote Web Cliper interferes with BankID, which is Norway’s largest logon solution for homebanking solution. At least, when logging into Norway’s largest bank (at www.dnb.no) with Firefox, I have to disable Evernote in order to be able to log in. I do not know whether it is DnB.no that sniffs something fishy - or if it the Web Clipper that just hides the login information.

    The Web Clipper deserves a 5 star rating. But only if it can fix this homebanking problem.

  • works great and is the fastest and most reliable productivity app when searching later or you web clips

  • outdated

  • とても重宝してます。
    Evernote Web Clipperは、思いついたときにEvernoteにキープできるので有り難いです。

  • Nagyszerű, és nélkülözhetetlen kiegészítő.

  • good

  • Fixed the failure to log me in, ergo failure to clip.... Good stuff

  • Es una extencion muy practica, lastima que ya no tiene clearly, pero evernote es genial realmente.

  • Ich bin überhaupt begeistert von Evernote.

    Danke Evernote

  • Funktioniert nicht = Does not work at all! FF61 32-bit/ Win10 1803 64bit

  • 一直用,挺好的

  • Can't capture PDF file from page directly.

  • 非常好用,最好的笔记应用。

  • 1 star out of 5, mostly equivalent to the number of times this clipper works, both in FF and Chrome!
    Will certainly go back to OneNote to get a better service...and save some money too!

  • I think microsoft loves all of or data.

  • not convinced yet

  • I am really NOT fond of Microsoft, so it really pains me to say that OneNote is better. Evernote has a continuous stream of new features, but they have yet to make the base product better. It does an absolutely miserable job of clipping on the Mac. Why no native presentation of PDF files? Postscript file support? And still no Linux support.

  • A complete mess - Customer Care for Premium is a joke. Besides, the Evernote clipper is NOT working. Clip .pdf is not working. Clip .images is not working. Clip bookmark is not working. Clip simplified article is not working.

    The customer whatever success are just excellent in taking the money ... after that ... we don't care ... and worse ! they are suggesting that because of their bug(s) and broken servers ... some should stop using their services.

    It looks more like a scam business.

  • I love it