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  • Es una extencion muy practica, lastima que ya no tiene clearly, pero evernote es genial realmente.
  • Ich bin überhaupt begeistert von Evernote.

    Danke Evernote
  • Funktioniert nicht = Does not work at all! FF61 32-bit/ Win10 1803 64bit
  • 一直用,挺好的
  • Can't capture PDF file from page directly.
  • 非常好用,最好的笔记应用。
  • 1 star out of 5, mostly equivalent to the number of times this clipper works, both in FF and Chrome!
    Will certainly go back to OneNote to get a better service...and save some money too!
  • I think microsoft loves all of or data.
  • not convinced yet
  • I am really NOT fond of Microsoft, so it really pains me to say that OneNote is better. Evernote has a continuous stream of new features, but they have yet to make the base product better. It does an absolutely miserable job of clipping on the Mac. Why no native presentation of PDF files? Postscript file support? And still no Linux support.
  • A complete mess - Customer Care for Premium is a joke. Besides, the Evernote clipper is NOT working. Clip .pdf is not working. Clip .images is not working. Clip bookmark is not working. Clip simplified article is not working.

    The customer whatever success are just excellent in taking the money ... after that ... we don't care ... and worse ! they are suggesting that because of their bug(s) and broken servers ... some should stop using their services.

    It looks more like a scam business.
  • I love it
  • Awesome tool for evernote user. Works perfectly every time.
  • PDF clipping does not work !
  • 很好不错哟!
  • No funciona en Firefox. Muy Mal !!!
  • Love, love, love this Add-on
  • Evernote Web Clipper is a really useful add-on, which enables me to quickly capture details from a webpage. Having tried a few other notes apps, I haven't found any with functions that compare well with the Web Clipper. It doesn't always capture the information I'm expecting, but for ease of use it's well ahead of other similar apps.
  • I travel extensively. Can not use clipper on phone or tablet. Therefore it is of no value to me as I must be in my office to use my equipment there... Not good, will probably cancel service as this is a key feature I need.
  • what a holy shit.

    tag system so silly!
  • Your extension has crashed numerous times in my first day of install. Clipping never finishes in most times. This is not usable!
  • PDF can't be clipped directly. Hope you could fix this problem as soon as possible.
  • Love the functionality
  • pdf downloads can't be clipped and there is a notification to reload the page and than download. but instead of reloading it doesn't work.
  • oki