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  • Clipping PDFs does not work
  • It does not work to clip a PDF file opened with Firefox
  • よく使ってます。Webの内容をメモしたいときに便利。
  • Great so far, I could use tutoring to get full use as an author. I will say this product is instrumental in my finally writing. Web Clipper allows me to research, browse, look for property on ad infinitum.
  • firefox 52.9.0 (32-bit)
    The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt
  • this extension had installed in firefox for android before but now.it could not use with android version of firefox (version 67)
  • Won't let me install. 'Add on appears to be corrupt'. Please fix
  • Does not work to capture gmail emails. Just a blank screen. Very disappointing.
  • No sirve
  • Avast flags this add-on as unstable. It clearly is. If you enable this on firefox quantum you'll bleed all of your memory in a few hours, meanwhile you'll bleed all of your virtual memory. Disable the add on and restart firefox and everything runs normally. I don't know what language this is written in but its possible the bug could threaten your data or you disk integrity (not from memory bleeding but from a bad pointer or a malformed interpreter call). I would NOT run this program except in a test environment. Digging into the Evernote forums, it appears Evernote has had memory issues with this program since Genesis I.
  • Unusable. Complains about third party cookies and won't let me log in. Allowing third party cookies for evernote.com doesn't help. Completely broken.