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  • Doesn't work anymore. Cannot clip anything.
  • [update] the problem is fixed in FF70. Seems to have been a FF problem, as the extension is still v 6.13.3
    Was working well on win 10, until FF 69. No longer works, even when all protections are removed. Have seen others with same problem both here and on the Evernote forum. Tried reverting to three earlier versions. No joy. Clearly Evernote is not paying attention, as the last update shown is six months old.
  • Clipping PDF's stopped working about a year ago in Firefox 60. It doesn't seem like Evernote is maintaining this extension anymore.
  • Everytime I do an upgrade on my Apple Macbook, I have to re-add Web Clipper to my toolbar. Very frustrating.
  • SImply can't log in!
  • Stopped working with Firefox 69.0.1 (64-bit).
  • Firefox 69 (64-bit) it doesn't work!!!!
  • Firefox 69 (64-bit) it doesn't work
  • Дужє корисна
  • Clipping PDFs does not work
  • It does not work to clip a PDF file opened with Firefox