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  • Some sites don't clip properly but works fine overall.
  • useful but the the chrome extension is much better. i am trying to switch from chrome to firefox. but i use web clipper a lot and the firefox web clipper extension is not nearly as good as the chrome extension. for example, when i try to clip an email in firefox the clip is empty. but when i clip an email in chrome it works.
  • Does not work in some websites. Outdated compared to Chromium extension. Leaves a loading graphic that does not go away when used on YouTube.
  • Simple and usefull add-ons
  • ALERT! There was a serious security flaw in this extension and it has not yet been updated in this repository. Download from the official website version 7.11.1 or later.
  • Bug: URL lost blue color in saved article.
  • Works well. Thanks