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  • Nice extension, makes it easy to save your work.
  • I'm nor enjoying it at all because I receive this message: This add-on is not available on your platform.
  • Спасибо, разработчикам! Очень хорошее в использовании приложение и нравиться с ним работать.
  • 感觉印象笔记不想做火狐了
  • It clips fine for me, but no matter how I alter the settings, it always saves in the same notebook so for every web clip I save, I must go into Evernote and move that note to the correct notebook. I've tried all of the different save options but no matter what, it always saves in that first notebook. Also, I don't seem to have the option to select text and images and save just the selection. Without the ability to change these options, it's barely faster than doing it without the extension.
  • It' funny how it cannot work on addons.mozilla.org. It always say you must reload the page.
  • This is a convenient and understandable application!
  • Have to give this 1-*, despite the fact that I use it regularly and successfully. Why? Because it does not work with Gmail, and I need to clip mail. Otherwise, to be fair, it does a pretty good job.
  • It works perfectly well for me; I have no issues clipping things to my account.
  • ne fonctionne plus sur firefox !!!
    mise à jour valable demandée.