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  • Отличный модуль! Очень нужная вещь! Спасибо!!!!!
  • Took the screen shot with no problems. Unlike Firefox's built in screen shot option kept crashing and not taking the shot and tying up the web page like it was doing something. Thank You for this Extension!!! So sad firefox baked in option fails the way it does and does not trigger a report to Mozilla that something went wrong. TY again! :)
  • 无法截取完整屏幕,对长网页无效。
  • Download failed. It said blob something. Also, the feedback link does me no good since everything's in Chinese. Please fix both these issues, and I'll revise my review accordingly once that's done.
  • 总体上很好用。
  • Para que querra una app de screenshot mis datos para ingresar a los sitios web que frecuento como mi mail etc
  • works as expected!
  • I have never before felt the need to rate an add-on before but this add-on is incredibly useful and easy to use. You can choose what part or all of the screen you want a shot of and place it in what ever folder you want which makes it easy to find. Love it. For Cstark Why are you putting a review for Screen Grab on a page that is for Easy Screenshot NOT Screen Grab???
  • 自定义截屏总是存在分屏的灰色横线,影响美观和阅读。和解?
  • the best of the best !! easy to use !!
  • Simple and quick screenshots. An App that does what it says.
  • good