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  • It's a great app. to have a screen shot to whole webpage
  • I've been using this tool for months. I'm sorry to see that no improvement has been made to handle the "Web Page Region" option. It's just messy. It almost never gets the region I selected. It should just take a picture of the image inside the square I draw...and it doesn't.
  • Качество фото очень плохое. Сделайте высокое качество, пожалуйста! Когда сохраняешь всю страницу, читать очень сложно.
  • awesome!!!!
  • That isn't "the whole webpage". What you see is what you get.
  • Can not find screen shot anywhere, not on my desktop or clipboard. Everything is in a foreign language without explanations. Is it a fake app? Millions of viewers?