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288 reviews for this add-on
  • 並沒有儲存圖片

  • Mit screenshot geht alles viel schneller und einfacher, wenn man z. B. Videos erstellen will. Bilder lassen sich optimal ausschneiden und speichern. Und alles ist unkompliziert.

  • Really great addon. I have only few suggestions.
    - ability to capture FF internal pages.
    - More locales. BTW I can help with translating it to Russian and Ukrainian, if You interested.

  • Easy to use and fast printscreen

  • 簡單方便

  • rtyrt

  • senx so mutch

  • browser.tabs.remote.force-enable 为 true

  • Thank you for this tool, I have just one wish - is it possible to add arrows to editation? ;)

  • it's all I can say

  • è un plugin che permette di fare lo screenshot dell'intera pagina, anche della pagina che non viene visualizzata sullo screen ma che è necessario scorrere giù o di lato. Tutta la pagina può essere inserita in un'immagne. Bello!

  • 最新的版本真是功能够丰富!

  • 非常实用

  • Works great and is easy to use, what more could a gal want? :D

  • Helpfull

  • 因为百度文库用flash来载入文档,当文档比较长的时候,easyscreenshot不能自动载入全部内容,只能截取部分文档内容,而且会把浏览器窗口下面的百度文库工具栏一起截取。希望能改善一下,能截取百度文库文档全部内容,最好还能忽略下面的百度文库工具条。

  • 如題

  • Really convienent

  • always works and help my project..

  • It's still freely available on the Web

  • I would even pay if you go back to, i have a couple of extra steps now with the full screen capture. It was perfect, and you made it imperfect. Seriously, it was perfect.

  • Win10 教育版
    Firefox 44.02

  • I use this a lot...and its a very user friendly and easy to work with. Simply love this plugin.

  • Good tool, but I'd like to have more control with cropping. I believe it would improve the overall expirience if you add a pixel perfect preview for precise positioning and make it possible to drag and position cropping by sides not only by corners.

  • Please, add sitename url to filename to save
    Отличное дополнение! И скриншоты делает и подправить их сразу быстро можно, подписи сделать, в рамочку что-нибудь обвести - класс!!! К инструкциям пояснения делать одно удовольствие!