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  • Why are gray horizontal lines on the 'Capture Whole Web Page' captured image? They appear to be page lines. I have to open my image software [Paint Shop Pro] to edit the lines out, which makes using your addon redundant as my image software [Paint Shop Pro] has a great screen capture that works flawlessly - no gray horizontal lines!
  • عاالی
  • In my opinion it is average. Nothing new. I'll give 5 stars If a better more artistic ellipse is included .
  • It was greyed out.
  • amazing, saved me so much time screenshot/photoshopping (even though obviously someone had done something like this). Works excellently.
  • Je to vynikajúci doplnok a už dlho som takéto niečo potreboval. Len je škoda, že na niektorých stránkach to prestáva reagovať a presný výber sa nedá spraviť ale iba whole page čož je škoda
  • 不能截取整个网页,忽悠人的,点击截取整个网页都是截取当前页面,郁闷。
  • It's name pretty much says it all. It's easy and takes screenshots perfectly! Love how simple it is to use.
  • 能用,但长的网页怎么也无法全屏截取,只能用在小网页上
  • It's too good to use. i like this very much,