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  • 5月4日怎么这个截图插件被禁用了!!很好用的一个工具啊!
  • it did what I wanted; got a quick shot of a receipt to prove purchase. However, I have a laptop, and using the "easy screenshot" with a touch pad isn't so easy. Took several tries cos it kept snapping back to a line each time I lifted my finger. Probably a snap for mouse users.
  • This does exactly what you would expect it to do. It definitely meets my needs is far as capturing a specific section of the webpage or the whole webpage if necessary.
  • Doesn't work right. Note: Went 2 my old stash of addons I saved & 'Abduction!' works much better than N E of the 'latest greatest' stuff on the Firefox site. Of coruse, in their 'infinite wisdom' they delete the stuff that actually works, I guess because their goal is 2 keep BREAKING the browser so they can sell 'Cu$tomer $upport' contracts or something = lame. Reminds me how 'Mouse Gestures Redox' is by far the best gesture addon, & like the rest if U tweak Firefox to IGNORE the 'compatability' lockouts it installs & works just fine = WAY better than the others! =)
  • It's a great app. to have a screen shot to whole webpage