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288 reviews for this add-on
  • Really easy to use!

  • it is so useful and powerful to use his add-ons for beginners and professional users.

  • 没有快捷键啊


  • 最好可以设置快捷键

  • love

  • 火狐的这个功能不要太强大!太实用了!

  • 33

  • 能不能调节截图的格式和品质?

  • nice

  • 不会用啊,没有快捷键

  • awesome

  • Easy! Thanks!

  • For a novice, this is so easy to use.

  • cool

  • seems best, I used it before and keeping it now, easy to use, and has menu for what you want to capture.

  • Не хватает разве что стрелок, когда редактируешь захваченную страничку. В остальном просто супер, очень лаконично и функционально, ничего лишнего!

  • Capture whole webpage leaves think gray borderlines between the screens.

  • 跟以前相比进了一大步,希望补充快捷键操作功能,会更易于使用.

  • I would like to be able to select if I want to save it in png or jpg or have other functions.

  • Initially the add-on worked perfectly, a few times in the last week it has grabbed the wrong section of the website. Today it is consistently grabbing the wrong section.

  • perfect and does the job. But could it be possible to get HD captures ? thanks

  • Absoluter Mist. werde es sofort wieder entfernen. Nicht mal deutsch. Nicht zu empfehlen. Ich erwarte von einem Add one das es funktioniert und meine Sprache versteht

  • 这个扩展很好,但是不能在所有的版本使用就非常的不方便

  • Why are gray horizontal lines on the 'Capture Whole Web Page' captured image? They appear to be page lines. I have to open my image software [Paint Shop Pro] to edit the lines out, which makes using your addon redundant as my image software [Paint Shop Pro] has a great screen capture that works flawlessly - no gray horizontal lines!