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  • it did what I wanted; got a quick shot of a receipt to prove purchase. However, I have a laptop, and using the "easy screenshot" with a touch pad isn't so easy. Took several tries cos it kept snapping back to a line each time I lifted my finger. Probably a snap for mouse users.
  • This does exactly what you would expect it to do. It definitely meets my needs is far as capturing a specific section of the webpage or the whole webpage if necessary.
  • Doesn't work right. Note: Went 2 my old stash of addons I saved & 'Abduction!' works much better than N E of the 'latest greatest' stuff on the Firefox site. Of coruse, in their 'infinite wisdom' they delete the stuff that actually works, I guess because their goal is 2 keep BREAKING the browser so they can sell 'Cu$tomer $upport' contracts or something = lame. Reminds me how 'Mouse Gestures Redox' is by far the best gesture addon, & like the rest if U tweak Firefox to IGNORE the 'compatability' lockouts it installs & works just fine = WAY better than the others! =)
  • It's a great app. to have a screen shot to whole webpage
  • I've been using this tool for months. I'm sorry to see that no improvement has been made to handle the "Web Page Region" option. It's just messy. It almost never gets the region I selected. It should just take a picture of the image inside the square I draw...and it doesn't.
  • Качество фото очень плохое. Сделайте высокое качество, пожалуйста! Когда сохраняешь всю страницу, читать очень сложно.