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  • 最近几乎用不了了。截取整个网页总是只有上面一小半,对于有顶栏的网页截取效果也不尽如人意
  • Useful as f*ck! B)
  • 简单,实用!
  • Cannot capture long pages. Only the top of them. So, doesn't fit to the "Whole page cature" annoncement.
  • 第一點. win7與win10使用「擷取網頁特定區域」,經常會讓c:\windows\explorer.exe崩潰,cpu使用25%降不下。請解決bug

    第二點. 提供option功能,至少能選擇取消每當存檔時跳出檔案管理員。
  • Wouldn't load.
  • Icon is very ugly, please change it (^_^)
  • This is one of my all time favourite add-ons but today, with the new firefox update, it won't download for me. Says I'm not connected but I am.
  • 火狐怎麼不讓我們用了??
  • 5月4日怎么这个截图插件被禁用了!!很好用的一个工具啊!