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  • Thank you for creating this. Ever since Quantum I've really missed Random Agent Spoofer, so this is really welcomed and appreciated.
    Thanks for the kind words. :)
  • Hello. I have this add-on, and I have one question... Why are YouTube videos in mobile mode? I wanna use this add-one and watch regular YouTube videos. As of now, I have this add-on disabled. Is there anyway to fix this?
    You are probably using a mobile profile (iOS/Android). Visit https://httpbin.org/headers and if you see Android or iOS, you are using a mobile profile. If not, please open an issue here: http://github.com/sereneblue/chameleon/issues.
  • My favourite WX for privacy enhancement. Would vote it +1 to be included in the Mozilla curated list of featured/recommended WXs.

    Till the current version 0.10.2 the developer has shown great dedication to implement feature suggestions and patch discovered bugs in a timely fashion.
    Thanks for contributing! :D
  • Works great on my android device. Thanks.
    Glad to hear that! The UX is a bit cumbersome on Android but hopefully the new whitelist editor makes thing a bit easier.
  • Waouh !!!!!
    great keep going
  • Please make this extension for chrome web store or Yandex
    Unfortunately, I won't be supporting any Chrome/Chromium-based browsers.
  • Thanks!
  • -No option for random resolution change
    -No option for random time zone change
    -Options for Firefox browser spoofing too few
    If you set the profile option to Random, Random Desktop or Random Mobile, set the screen resolution to profile, and use an interval, the screen resolution will randomly change.

    Randomly changing the timezone isn't a good idea if you're IP isn't changing. If you use the IP option for the timezone option, the timezone will be automatically set when the browser starts.

    Please read the wiki for the options Chameleon offers. If you have a suggestion, create an issue on the GitHub page.
  • The display is cut on the right side pop up when you custom the toolbar and put chameleon icon as hidden (aka double arrow dropdownlist near the menu icon)
    Please create an issue on GitHub with a screenshot. https://github.com/sereneblue/chameleon/issues

    EDIT: This has been fixed in a recent update.
  • Problem with window.name protection on ip-check.info .
    ip-check.info Adding whitelist is invalid

    网站http://ip-check.info/?lang=en/加入白名单无效,即使排除windows name。
    There is an open issue about this: https://github.com/sereneblue/chameleon/issues/53.

    EDIT: This will be fixed in v0.9.0.
  • Works perfectly!
  • amazing, is that possible to change user agent based on tab container?
    so every tab container have different consistent user agent
    It's possible for the request headers but it wouldn't work for the navigator properties (another way for sites to fingerprint your platform and user agent). I plan to work on something for containers in the near future.
  • good,very good。It is recommended to increase the size of the random work area
    Please open an issue here for improvements: https://github.com/sereneblue/chameleon/issues
  • the bad: options are somehow slightly confusing (for instance built-in browser (about:config) options are not obviously distinguished from extras that come with the addon itself). etag prevention doesn't work if „real profile” is setup.

    the good: finally something open sourced that has ip spoofing, mechanisms against etag, and plenty plenty more! focued chameleon icon is a cherry on top. must have!
    I think you may find the wiki helpful: https://github.com/sereneblue/chameleon/wiki

    The Etag option should still work if you're using your real profile, but if you're having issues, please open an issue. :)
  • Simple to use, rich in functions, user friendly interface, thanks to the author!
    사용이 간단하고 기능성, 인성화, 감사 작성자!
    использование простых, функционально, интерфейса, и спасибо автору!
    Fácil de usar, rica, funciones de interfaz humana, gracias al autor.
    使用简单 ,功能丰富,界面人性化,感谢作者!
  • Your extension is fantastic. You're a genius sereneblue. Thanks and have a good evening!
    Thank you for the kind words. :)
  • Even when deactivated it breaks the reminder function of google Inbox
    Please open an issue here: https://github.com/sereneblue/chameleon/issues. If the extension is deactivated, it shouldn't be affecting Firefox.
  • Bien mais...
    autant je n'ai pas de problèmes avec youtube, autant avec les webmails basés sur Zimbra, c'est un peu plus compliqué. ça rame souvent pour se connecter, il faut tenter d'autres profils de navigateurs, rafraichir, pour qu'à un moment, le webmail s'affiche.