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  • Свою задачу выполняет, в редких случаях ломает сайты и приходиться временно выключать защиту.
    If CB breaks a page you can whitelist the page (temporarily) so you do not have to deactivate it completely.
  • This is an excellent extension, and I recommend it to EVERYONE. Thank you, so much, kind developer <3
    You're welcome.
  • I tested with https://browserleaks.com/canvas and even when the "Signature" changes everytime I reload the test the "Unique Fingerprints" at "Database Summary" is always the same. Why? is this a way they can still track me??? I might improve the rate after clarifying. Thanks
    Actually I'm not sure what the section "Database Summary" is all about and whte the "Unique Fingerprints" really count. Maybe they only include fingerprints in their database when they see it more than once (or the count is not live but only updated in some time periods).
    As the signature changes every time CanvasBlocker is working as intended. This is the tracking information CanvasBlocker protects.

    Please open an issue at https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues where we can discuss the impact of that (communication is way better there).
  • Help me: I changed a parameter i do not know which one and i think that because of that i can not solve the captchas anymore! :(
    I get this message every time :
    " Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now. For more details visit our help page "

    I cleared the cache and cookies of firefox but the problem is still there! what to do?
    Please open an issue at https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues with more details
    There we can communicate much better.

    But as a first measure you could reset the CanvasBlocker settings.

    UPDATE: it's known that the protection for the window API breaks recaptcha. If you disable and reenable it you should be prompted with a question to whitelist the specific url that is needed by it.
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  • Amazing job, thanks