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  • Works great, tested both "block" and "fake" modes on https://www.deviceinfo.me. 5 star!
  • Excellent add-on, works as advertised. I would appreciate author's opinion on how this add-on interacts with Firefox's new built in fingerprinting protection as of version 67, and whether this add on provides additional protection.

    Thanks for everything!!
    The interaction with Firefox's new protection is discussed here: https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues/349

    In short: the new feature from Mozilla is good but CB still offers additional value.
  • I changed my rating.

    Originally I put 1 star because:
    1. https://amiunique.org/ reports me as UNIQUE.
    2. No support email, only github (I don't even know what it is and I do not want to create account only to ask for support).
    Happy to change rating if I receive support (not github but email or phone) and problem is fixed.
    I changed to 4 stars because:
    1. I was explained that it does not matter if I am unique as long as my profile changes each time which, apparently, it does.
    2. The developer contacted me privately even though he's alone and he's not a company or a team. I appreciated that.
    3. I put 4 stars instead of 5 because we have become used to better user interface layouts.
    All in all I am happy and I recommend it.
    The same issue is discussed at https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/canvasblocker/reviews/1141570/ and https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues/154

    In short: it fine to have these sites to report a unique fingerprint as long as the fingerprint changes (which is the case in the default CB settings). You can open up the console (Ctrl + Shift + K) and have a look at the actual fingerprint. There you will see that the protected fingerprints change with each reload.

    Regarding support: github is mainly a code managing service (you can look at the complete source code and history of CB there). But it also offers a requirement and bug tracking feature. As I am only one person I have no time to give individual email (or even phone) support. On github some helping angels can support me. Also it provides an overview of already asked questions and open issues so other people with the same issue can see that it is known and/or what the solution is.
  • I'll gladly change my rating if this is shown to be user error but I disabled every other add-on in Firefox except CanvasBlocker, went to browserleaks.com/canvas and ran the test, and the Fingerprint "Signature" field always stays the same no matter what. If I uninstall CanvasBlocker, it's the EXACT same signature as when the extension is installed. I have used the default settings and I have also tried tweaking the settings. The signature NEVER changes.
    I do not think this is a user error. But with the given information I do not know what's the root cause of the problem. Please open an issue at https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues with detailed information (e.g. used browser version and operating system) so I can reproduce the problem.
  • Incompatible with latest nightly as of this review. YouTube is one of the affected websites, and whitelisting does not help.
    Not sure how to triage this so creating a review and leaving it as 5 stars.
    I am already aware of this problem (see https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues/357 and https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues/358). Opening and issue at github is the best way to report problems with CB. There the communication is much better than here.

    This problem should be solved with 0.5.10
  • Свою задачу выполняет, в редких случаях ломает сайты и приходиться временно выключать защиту.
    If CB breaks a page you can whitelist the page (temporarily) so you do not have to deactivate it completely.
  • This is an excellent extension, and I recommend it to EVERYONE. Thank you, so much, kind developer <3
    You're welcome.
  • I tested with https://browserleaks.com/canvas and even when the "Signature" changes everytime I reload the test the "Unique Fingerprints" at "Database Summary" is always the same. Why? is this a way they can still track me??? I might improve the rate after clarifying. Thanks
    Actually I'm not sure what the section "Database Summary" is all about and whte the "Unique Fingerprints" really count. Maybe they only include fingerprints in their database when they see it more than once (or the count is not live but only updated in some time periods).
    As the signature changes every time CanvasBlocker is working as intended. This is the tracking information CanvasBlocker protects.

    Please open an issue at https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues where we can discuss the impact of that (communication is way better there).