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  • breaks webpages that require adobe flash on waterfox latest release
    Please open an issue at https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues with all your details and a reproduction scenario. There we can communicate way better.
  • What happened to the fingerprint icon up in the toolbar on android FF? It is now gone so how do I know if CB is functioning correctly?
    The fingerprint icon should be present if you have notifications enabled and something was faked on the page.

    You can check if CB is working on the test pages (e.g. https://canvasblocker.kkapsner.de/test/test.html - the hashes should change on reload).

    Please open an issue at https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues - there we can discuss better.

    This issue is solved in 0.5.5
  • A must have privacy extension for everyone!
  • Tell me what you dislike about the new version. Without this information I cannot improve CB.
  • Great stuff. I think this should be a "featured extension" in the pivacy and security category.
  • Nice, but the toolbar icon changes color sometimes (red/green). What do the different colors mean?
    Green = I'm save, red = I'm not protected? And what do I have to do for it to protect me again?
    The color change just indicate that something was faked. It's some sort of notification and nothing to worry about.
  • I tested this addon with the Panopticlick test from the EFF, and when I check the 'full results' it shows that the hash values are changed every time I have the addon enabled. So I guess it's basically ruining it for people who use these values to track you.
    Exactly this is the idea behind the fake mode.
  • This extension doesn't work.


    Go see for yourself.
    It's fine to have a unique fingerprint as long it changes every time. If you re-test your browser you will see different canvas and webGL hashes.

    See the following issue for reference: https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues/154
  • It is great, but it'd be much better if the Mozilla Add-ons link embedded in it was language-agnostic. Currently, it is to the German version of the site.
    This issue will be fixed in the next version: https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues/219
  • Great, but seems to be blocking protonmail . . . tried whitelisting without success . . .

    Update: unchecked "Block data-URL pages" as suggested, and now works. Thanks!
    Please try the solutions mentioned on https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues/223
  • Funktioniert einwandfrei.
    Das Symbol wurde von Benutzern angefragt: https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues/217

    Man kann es ohne Probleme deaktivieren: darauf rechts klicken -> aus Symbolleiste entfernen
  • You are very hard working person :)
  • Excellent add-on! Thanks for your hard work!
  • Very nice works.
    But it may not pass detective on test page try times test, it may enter an endless loop and Let the browser stop working.
    This page doen't even work when no addon at all is installed... but to discuss this further please open an issue at https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues
    Communication is much easier there.
  • Here is a French translation file for your extension.
    Thank you for your work.

    Thankyou very much for the translation: https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/commit/fb25077f12faf68ea62b862c6ba7eccd6a295b6e
  • Nice works.
    Please note I test the audio fingerprint at https://audiofingerprint.openwpm.com/ and it causes browser slowdown.
    I know - this page is not written in a peformant way. You can test the audio fingerprint at http://kkapsner.github.io/CanvasBlocker/test/audioTest.html as well.
  • Nice works.
    Please note it does not detect (and block) the code embedded in a url through the
    "data:text/html" directive.
    I don't know if this method it's exploitable in a web page

    example: paste the following code on your navigation bar
    (It's a dots wave single pixel plotter, so it uses getImageData and it works even if you block the readout API):

    edit: sample code moved to pastebin (sorry, pasting the code here does not works):
    Good point. I will see if this is exploitable. But please open an issue at https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues where we can discuss the implications and findings. Also communication is much easier there.