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  • Thanks for you job.
  • Works as intended. Just now with WebEx!
  • New features are somewhat confusing for usual users like me. Should I enable transparency blocking?! ot it doesn't matter much?!
    Also when updated some options are missing like the "Ignore the most frequent colors".
    Also why not to set Random Number to Persistent by default, it will be changed on every browser startup, right?!
    The former versions faked the transparency always. But since this channel is treated differently by the browsers I think it is saver to not fake it. It does not affect the security.

    Regarding the missing options: only these options are displayed that are useful with the other selected options. The mentioned "ignore the most frequent colors" is only displayed in expert mode and when faking the read API.

    For the default random number generator I ask you to open an issue at github. This has to be discussed in more depth. I myself are not sure what the default should be.
  • WebEx version is even better, thank you.
    You're welcome.
  • Pretty good add-on.
  • esencial para la privacidad
  • Awesome add-on
  • Great for privacy, Recommended!
  • Great privacy tool, Much better than Canvas Defender.
  • Because I can't live without this amazing addon :)
  • Thanks for your work! Please keep this in mind for the webextension: ghacks.net/2017/08/30/firefox-webextensions-may-identify-you-on-the-internet/
  • check
    HTML5 Canvas Protection ! Detected
    I'm aware of that. You could switch to "fake input"-mode which should not be detected. But this mode is less secure - fingerprinting over WebGL is possible with that. I know no good way to prevent this detection and keep the same level of privacy.
  • I really like this addon, but when I'm checking the results on Panopticlick I always see my windows size as a possible fingerprint. Any way to incorporate the screen size spoofing mechanism (only?) found in the addon Random Agent Spoofer (using script injection)?
    I think this could be done. But it would be out of the scope of this addon. Please open an issue for this request on github. There we can discuss the pro and cons.
  • Thanks.
  • Does a really good job at protecting against canvas fingerprinting attacks.
  • This makes privacy@firefox really great again :D thx
  • Its good but sometimes it breaks Facebook for me
  • Excellent. Does its job well.
  • Good plugin. It does a good job at randomizing canvas fingerprinting!!

    Only concern I have is that a new random value each time the canvas api is called could potentially be interpreted as unique by servers. Maybe have another option to create a new random value per session or new browser tab?

    Thanks for replying. Ah yes setting the random number generator to "persistent" does just what I want :)
    This is already implemented. You have to set the random number generator to "persistent".
  • Could do with the notification not encroaching on the real estate, but rather as a traditional notification which disappears.
    I understand why it was done this way (so that the site can be white-listed etc) but that's better accomplished by a toolbar button for those that want it.
    This si functionally much better than the other implementation only slightly marred.
    Since version 0.4.0 the notifications are different and use much less space.
  • Google is already able to identify your canvas as spoofed. Try to sign up for a Gmail account and you will see. Soon every tracking script online will be able too. An update is needed urgently!
    I always get to do the phone verification regardless of the addon.
  • The best canvas blocker I've tried.