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  • Great extension, I really like the look of the icon in the address bar.
  • Apologies, but this is an honest question: What would be the purpose of the add-on having access to 'all website data' such as banking/email login information?
    You can look at the code (either at https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/ of you can download the xpi-file, change the extension to zip and look at the content). It does not store any private information or sends anything to a server.

    UPDATE: I just realized I did not answer the question. The addon does not need access to login information (and does not use it). But there is no techical difference between the information the addon needs access to (the canvas and JS that are used for fingerprinting) and other information. I would gladly only take the permission to access the information that I only need - it's just not possible.
  • Very good add-on
    It would be bery nice if this great add-on also could portect against font fingerprinting.
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  • Отлично работает ;>
    Спасибо Разработчикам>
  • @ kkapsner

    Please check the link below:


    is positive for Canvas Defender and ScriptSafe for Chrome.
    With CanvasBlocker the icon briefly appears and disappears immediately.


    Unable to view single images.
    I can insert some links but privately.
    Thanks for your finding. The faking is working fine - just the display of the icon is confused by this site. This will be fixed in the next release (see https://github.com/kkapsner/CanvasBlocker/issues/149 for reference - btw it's much easier for us to communicate on github via issues than AMO)

    Since this is a minor issue there will not be a release for this alone.
  • can't get the add on CavasBlocker on the new quantum version beta.Keeps telling me I'm running version 54.0???
    Please recheck your Firefox version and try to add it again. Version 0.4.2 should also run with Firefox 52.4.1
  • Thanks for creating this, kkapsner. Super helpful.
  • Thanks for you job.
  • Works as intended. Just now with WebEx!
  • New features are somewhat confusing for usual users like me. Should I enable transparency blocking?! ot it doesn't matter much?!
    Also when updated some options are missing like the "Ignore the most frequent colors".
    Also why not to set Random Number to Persistent by default, it will be changed on every browser startup, right?!
    The former versions faked the transparency always. But since this channel is treated differently by the browsers I think it is saver to not fake it. It does not affect the security.

    Regarding the missing options: only these options are displayed that are useful with the other selected options. The mentioned "ignore the most frequent colors" is only displayed in expert mode and when faking the read API.

    For the default random number generator I ask you to open an issue at github. This has to be discussed in more depth. I myself are not sure what the default should be.
  • WebEx version is even better, thank you.
    You're welcome.
  • Pretty good add-on.
  • esencial para la privacidad
  • Awesome add-on
  • Great for privacy, Recommended!
  • Great privacy tool, Much better than Canvas Defender.
  • Because I can't live without this amazing addon :)