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  • [Developers] Please see your way to adding the ability to right click the extension in the toolbar and choose "Update Filters Now". As it is it's three or more clicks to manually update your custom filter lists. Some other Browsers Adblock Plus versions already offer this feature.
  • Расширение работает стабильно, не пропуская ни единой рекламы, в том числе и той, что мелькает при просмотре видео на Ютуб. Автору респект, а расширению 5 звёзд!
  • Still selling their and your souls ("Acceptable Ads"). Use uBlock Origin for a non-commercial alternative.
  • Great
  • Desde la actualizacion ultima de firefox ya no bloquea la publicidad de youtube .... podran arreglarlo ?
  • Ultimamente o firefox tem travado constantemente por causa da extensão de bloqueio de propaganda
  • Many of my custom rules disappeared/was removed after an update. Thankfully, I always keep a backup, but other than that, the addon does the job fairly well.