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  • Пользовался эдблоком несколько лет назад на протяжении 2-3 лет, но после некоторых глюков с проскакивающей рекламой решил перейти на другой блокировщик, опенсорсный и лёгкий, чьё имя слишком известно, чтобы его называть.
  • the best
  • Thanks for that extension, works well for years
  • I have used Adblock Plus for over a year totally successfully, smooth, efficient no interference. Then my laptop crashed ! After I installed all again I had forgotten your exact name and tried a few other Ad blockers - boy do they not stand up to You...gladly I found you again..great to have you back !!!
  • It stopped working a few days ago and I get ads everywhere now.
  • thank you
  • I don't know why, but when it's on, I don't see SOCIAL NETWORK ICON (FB, YouTuBE, Vimeo) in my OceanWP Wordpress website... Also in the official OceaWP website, in the footer, when AdblockPLUS, we don' tsee any social icon. WHY??? Can you solve this annoying problem? I a lot of user in the World has the same problem as me!!!
  • Why has it suddenly stopped blocking ads? After years of working well. I have no intention of ever buying anything based on ads - I do my own research and then decide - so this has been a godsend. But now, it seems to have no effect on ads, and I can hardly use the ad-littered sites.
  • ADs byebye! o(*≧▽≦)ツ ~ ┴┴