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  • Kept opening page saying:

    It seems that an issue caused all filters to be removed and we were unable to restore a backup. Therefore we had to reset your filters and Acceptable Ads settings. Please check your filter lists and Acceptable Ads settings in the Adblock Plus options.

    Pain in the assss.. except for that, it works great
  • Recien me pasaron el dato de esta aplicacion que bloquea anuncios persistentes y molestos, la instale en Firefox y Chrome y es muy buena, ya se acabaron esos lienzos de anuncios de ventas, viajes y servicios que no me interesaban.
  • In Firefox PC is a good adblocker, but in Firefox android, the addon slows the browser.
  • ошибки загрузки
  • Werkt niet meer op twitch.tv video ads, eerst wel... Jammer. Nu op zoek naar een andere :)