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  • Ultimamente o firefox tem travado constantemente por causa da extensão de bloqueio de propaganda
  • Many of my custom rules disappeared/was removed after an update. Thankfully, I always keep a backup, but other than that, the addon does the job fairly well.
  • 我喜歡這個插件,但最新版本似乎無法阻擋Youtube廣告,我嘗試著接受"可接受範圍的廣告",但還是會出現全螢幕廣告,取消點選"可接受廣告",但還是無法阻擋......

    [ 設定->高級->過濾列表 ] 無論是內建設定、新增都顯示" 失敗,檔案下載失敗 "
  • Good ad block.. like it in the first try.. but in the newest version it seems less effective.. the ads from youtube come back after i'm turn off and on the computer again.. of course there are some ads that can be blocked with this adblocker (thank you) .. just that, when i'm restarting my computer a few ads still appear back again..
    Hi there!
    Thank you for your feedback! Do you have the Filter lists "EasyList" and "ABP filters" active?
    You can check your Filter lists by clicking on the Adblock Plus (ABP) Icon > Cogwheel > "Advanced" tab. There you will see which Filter lists are active and which are turned off (or missing)!
  • Jest bardzo skuteczny i nieabsorbujący. Zasłużone 5 gwiazdek!.