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  • Working on Android.
  • Great tool for translation. But when i try to post something in any forum, your tool always ads a
    div at the bottom of the posted text (hidden ofc, no plain text) which then leads to a fail when posting the answer because many forums accept HTML in their posts.

    div id="tap-translate"
    div class="container">  /div

    Please fix.
  • Would like to have the hot key mapped to that button.
    Apart from that, very nice and compact, thanks!
  • Bardzo dobry i prosty tłumacz bez zbędnych wodotrysków.
  • Update bug: sometimes it translates the dates incorrectly. e.g. I want to translate this German sentence to Hungarian.
    " Dieser Artikel war bis zum 30.06.2018 nur in der Filiale im Angebot. "
    it translates the date total badly.
    "Ez a cikk csak 2016. április 30-ig volt a kínálatban."

    which is completely wrong. It says 2016. april 30. instead of 2018.06.30.


    Good extension, although it has some bugs, breaks some forum forms, I can't post message on e.g. HP forums, it gives error message when I try to post a reply, but when I disable Tap Translate the post works good.
  • It works well on my pixel phone.
  • Works well on most websites but lately it interferes with editing on wikia sites. The code just arbitrarily appears when editing pages and can't be removed unless the add-on is disabled.
  • This extension is my favorite perfect Thanks...
  • Работает на ура
  • no features
  • 非常好
  • Please ad menu to translae whole page in Firefox android, some words with link just cannot be selected
  • Very nice for mobile!
    Would like to have the option to configure the popup position.
  • Bardzo wygodny
  • Good