305 reviews
  • Works well on most websites but lately it interferes with editing on wikia sites. The code just arbitrarily appears when editing pages and can't be removed unless the add-on is disabled.
  • This extension is my favorite perfect Thanks...
  • Работает на ура
  • no features
  • 非常好
  • Please ad menu to translae whole page in Firefox android, some words with link just cannot be selected
  • Very nice for mobile!
    Would like to have the option to configure the popup position.
  • Bardzo wygodny
  • Good
  • Супер!!!
  • So easy to use! Just select some text, click the "T" icon that slides out, and the translation appears in a popup. Much less obtrusive than other add-ons I've tried.
  • Excellent, I like it.
  • Отличное дополнение
  • Wäre super, wenn der T-Button direkt beim markierten Text erscheinen würde. Dann gerne 5 Sterne.

    Would be great, the button appears directly at the marked text. Then I give 5 stars.
  • Great, it works perfectly
  • Лаконично
  • Really useful.