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  • Great extension, really helpful
  • Excellent. And exactly what I have been looking for, not opening a new tab but a pop-up with translation (the same as google translate extension works in Google Chrome).

    P.S. I would just like to know that the second screenshot is for, should this extension add translate option in the context menu on Firefox for Android (because that is not the case on my Firefox)?
  • I've recently updated my firefox and my rtl language is working reversely and you cannot read it right now. I use this addon in persian
  • Doesnt work
  • It was great addons till recent update when it start to show arabic words backwords they are completely aren't understood please fix it, thank you for your great work keep it up bro.
  • Ok! He works what must!!
  • Working on Android.
  • Great tool for translation. But when i try to post something in any forum, your tool always ads a
    div at the bottom of the posted text (hidden ofc, no plain text) which then leads to a fail when posting the answer because many forums accept HTML in their posts.

    div id="tap-translate"
    div class="container">  /div

    Please fix.
  • Would like to have the hot key mapped to that button.
    Apart from that, very nice and compact, thanks!
  • Bardzo dobry i prosty tłumacz bez zbędnych wodotrysków.
  • Update bug: sometimes it translates the dates incorrectly. e.g. I want to translate this German sentence to Hungarian.
    " Dieser Artikel war bis zum 30.06.2018 nur in der Filiale im Angebot. "
    it translates the date total badly.
    "Ez a cikk csak 2016. április 30-ig volt a kínálatban."

    which is completely wrong. It says 2016. april 30. instead of 2018.06.30.


    Good extension, although it has some bugs, breaks some forum forms, I can't post message on e.g. HP forums, it gives error message when I try to post a reply, but when I disable Tap Translate the post works good.
  • It works well on my pixel phone.