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  • Sehr gutes add-on bisher. Momentan nicht mehr benutzbar da deaktiviert von Firefox.
  • Finally found one that works with Firefox for Android.
    Great work, thanks!
  • Great translation. I used it for French German Czech to English. Great usability. Excepted when I zoom in a page where {T} is not shown, I then need to zoom out first before using {T}
  • 在android上運行良好
  • have problem with showing Persian word, it's vice versa
  • could you add an option to enable dark mode?
  • Great extension, really helpful
  • Excellent. And exactly what I have been looking for, not opening a new tab but a pop-up with translation (the same as google translate extension works in Google Chrome).

    P.S. I would just like to know that the second screenshot is for, should this extension add translate option in the context menu on Firefox for Android (because that is not the case on my Firefox)?
  • I've recently updated my firefox and my rtl language is working reversely and you cannot read it right now. I use this addon in persian
  • Doesnt work