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  • This is great. Can you just add back option in the contex menu?. Unfortunately the T button is not visible in read mode in Firefox and you need to switch to normal view to see it.
  • Great tool, simple and light.
    Doesn't work on text area.
    Please fix.
  • Very good
  • Отличное расширение.
  • It will be better if you move the button to the below of the selected text
    Yes, I've been thinking about that, too. I'll add this as an option in the next release (next week probably).
  • 777
  • Muy buena herramienta
  • Great!
  • the only translator tested that works on my android 6.1 phone. thx so much.
  • Рабочий переводчик для Firefox на Андроиде!
  • Works like it's supposed to. Unlike some others.