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  • Funktioniert sehr gut, schön wäre wenn man in den Einstellungen die Position des Popup-Symbols festelegen kann. Manchmal verdeckt mir das Symbol auf der Website wichtige Schaltflächen.
  • Saé seun
  • I have a kindle fire hd 8 with latest firefox. I installed the extention, but it has not shown up under settings. This is not the only one and many others i am having problems with. Anyone else?
  • Exactly this one works on FF mobile version and works pretty fine.
    All others which I've been tried don't work. Thanks.
  • Google Apps - The Best!!!
  • Work well
  • Pretty efficient and very good also on Ff mobile.
  • De las que probé es la única que funcionó correctamente en android
  • I was looking for something that. Great :)
  • Original
  • This is great. Can you just add back option in the contex menu?. Unfortunately the T button is not visible in read mode in Firefox and you need to switch to normal view to see it.
  • Great tool, simple and light.
    Doesn't work on text area.
    Please fix.
  • Very good