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  • Must have this extension.
  • Nice. Works perfectly!
  • Top Add-On!
    Die Themes und die Lautstärkeäanpassung per Mausrad möchte ich nicht mehr missen.
  • Please consider adding the ability to change the *Keyboard shortcut* for Cinema Mode.

    Alt + Shift + End is mission impossible on my laptop... :'(

    Love the addon,
    Thank you! :-)
  • :like:
  • For some reason it stopped working on my current esr build 52 of firefox So I searched for older versions of EFY (ALL versions including the latest were working yesterday!!!!). I have compatibility checks disabled in about:config. I installed one from 2018 and it works just fine except for the autoplay pause that only kicks in after 20 or 30 seconds for each video I open in a background tab instead of instantly. This is Youtube's aka Google the Anitchrist's fault.