5,753 reviews
  • I had to sign in to rate this app. This is such a wonderful app, I can't even begin to explain it. It's basically everything you ever wanted in an app plus tack on the extensive options in personalizing your user experience from a theme to the default quality of your video player. This is a must-download!!!!!
  • It's honestly amazing. Give it a try internet people of the world.
  • es una exelente estencion
  • It slowed my browser to a crawl. Youtube videos were loading incredibly slow.
  • "Automatically enlarge the video player" never works consistently with tabs opened in background. So I had to install a userstyle just to have this feature.
  • Extensão muito bem feita, com diversas opções de personalização. Realmente muito útil, para quem como eu, está sempre com o youtube aberto no computador.
  • Overall improved the youtube experience 😘