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  • Please, add option: block channel trailer autoplay.
  • This fixes nearly all of the problems I have with Youtube's play system, my thanks to its creator.
  • awesome Add-on ever. 5 stars *****
    I miss the adblocker function of Enhancer for YouTube™ especially when I switch from PC to youtube app for android.
  • Nice addon but 2.0.89 apparently messed up preventing autoplay, at least in nightly 68. The problem seems more so when multiprocess is disabled. Went back to for now, which works mostly but still not much for youtube live steams.
  • Never blocked a single ad. Cannot understand what this thing does.
  • Great add-on with many great features and customization!
  • To re-enable autoplay use this document.querySelector('video.video-stream').play(); in the custom script section.
  • This is the greatest extension I've ever used. What I mean, is, I have not installed an add-on this robust which remediated and implemented so many issues all within the one extension. It is so versatile, comprehensive and effective, it makes YouTube browsing and viewing a much better experience. It literally resolves nearly all little issues that anyone might have with YouTube.