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  • Would be higher, but with it installed all youtube videos freeze at 2 min unless you manually scrub.
  • Please add a function to improve the readability of the DATE of publication of the video. With various CSS themes and full page scaling, the date sometimes disappears. Thanks for a great addon!!
  • Can you add the possibility to change the pitch of the video without reloading the page? And also can you fix the volume booster when you pitch the video? (you could do as NewPipe does)
  • Olha parece ser muito bom mas tá em inglês podia ter de traduzir para português
  • I've been using this add-on for a while and it's great.
    However today I noticed that the layout of youtube had changed and it was no longer in dark mode, and the option to enable dark mode was also missing.
    It seems that this add-on has caused this because as soon as I diabled it I got the new layout with dark mode again.