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  • Believe me it's a very effective ad blocker. I've been using it for months and have never seen single ad appeared while watching since...
  • Mah...it doesn't work on mobile (android)
    that's the only instance I personally find really convenient to be able to change video quality since firefox built in player sucks.
  • Esta genial esta extención
  • all the funtions work but i can't see if i have added a video to a playlist when useing the themes
  • Mode PIP has gone.. how to re-activate it ? thanks
  • Seria bom se funcionasse para outros players tb. Sugiro implementar uma função Picture-In-Picture.

    It would be good to work with other players too. I suggest you implement a Picture-In-Picture function, substituting the fixated frame and which pops out, making it possible to continue watching while navegating other tabs
  • Love the themes + detach player feature!
  • The "remove annotations" feature does not work and the forced additional keyboard shortcuts button that is unable to be removed loses a star for me. Second star is removed since I contacted the dev regarding the annotations issue and it went ignored without a reply. Other then that it's a good extension but bugs and lack of communication drag down what would otherwise be a perfect rating.