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  • Considero una muy buena herramienta , Excelente . . . . saludos
  • It's ad-blocking abilities were not the reason for my interest, after all i have both adblock plus and ultimate installed. What truly interested me were the dark themes for craptube. Yes, for that alone catch 4 stars Maxime RF and Purple Dark for the dark purple theme.
    Finally no longer i have to suffer under the obnoxious white. Now if only someone made similar addon for Firefox pages....
  • Please add option to enable previews on mouse hover over thumbnails.
  • Bug mention: Subtitles of the pinned video player are of the same size as the main video player’s ones, instead of being proportionally scaled to the size of that video player.
  • This extension is all you need to make YouTube more enjoyable to watch. Lots of easy to use features. Check it out.
  • Just brilliant. Thank You :)
  • Great extension thanks a lot
  • I love this addon but for some reason last two updates breaks youtube's seek bar. I reverted to 2.0.93 and it works fine.
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • Excellent! Can you add a shortcut for like youtube vidéo? Like MAJ+1 For like and Maj+0 dor Dislike?
  • Youtube ist jetzt besser als ohne den Scheiss.
  • Doesn't stop the preload at all.