149 reviews
  • Brilliant use of containers, if only it wouldn't be so absolutely confusing. The settings here are overwhelming and I'm not sure what they do.
    Feel free to open an issue on GitHub (https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues) with specific questions about settings that are unclear and I'll try to answer them.
  • Amazing extension! Please keep it alive!
  • I love this addon! There are so many options, and it's such a huge win for web privacy! I hope many of these ideas can be integrated into Firefox itself. Brilliant work!
  • Edit3. I removed my previous text and changed rating from four to five stars, i found add-on that caused this annoying (duplicate tab) issue.
  • An incredible improvement over the default Private Window and an excellent complement to the official Multi-Account Containers add-on.

    Steep learning curve but once you get your head around the container concept, it is remarkably powerful.
  • thanks!!!
  • Options were a little confusing to setup, but overall this is a fantastic extension and it's a shame that this functionality wasn't in the official multi-container extension to begin with.