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  • Amazing extension! Please keep it alive!
  • I love this addon! There are so many options, and it's such a huge win for web privacy! I hope many of these ideas can be integrated into Firefox itself. Brilliant work!
  • Edit3. I removed my previous text and changed rating from four to five stars, i found add-on that caused this annoying (duplicate tab) issue.
  • An incredible improvement over the default Private Window and an excellent complement to the official Multi-Account Containers add-on.

    Steep learning curve but once you get your head around the container concept, it is remarkably powerful.
  • thanks!!!
  • Options were a little confusing to setup, but overall this is a fantastic extension and it's a shame that this functionality wasn't in the official multi-container extension to begin with.
  • Freaking amazing [idea, implementation, and] use of Firefox's containers. Thank you!
  • Ever since Privacy Badger version 9.20.2018 , when i click the Settings Gear/Cog icon in the Pop-Up Panel of Privacy Badger the Settings Page opens in a Blank Temporary Container Tab, this never happened before that version.

    A work around is going to about:addons and finding Privacy Badger and clocking Options as it will not open in a Temporary Container.

    i figure this has to be up to EFF to fix that in a future version of Privacy Badger, but i figured i will post this here in case this is something the developer of this extension needs to know about and if somebody else is having the same issue they now know the work around.

    My only other complaint of this extension is after i create a Permanent Container in Multi-Account Containers i have to disable this extension to complete that process. There has been other people complaining of the same issue in the reviews. There has to be a solution to this, giving us the option to disable it in the Toolbar somehow could be a solution.

    And one more thing, a few months ago when i launched Firefox some of my containers were gone, i don't know if it was Temporary Container fault or Multi-Account Containers, but ever since Temporary Containers thinks that i have way more Temporary Containers is use then i do. i can delete all the Temporary Containers and even wait awhile and when i create a new Temporary Container it starts of at 30 Something as i have Temporary Container set to re-use container numbers. i don't know if resetting the Statistics will fix this or not.

    i hope stoically can respond to any of these issues and i really hope he continues to develop Temporary Containers or at least maintain it. Thank You for you work stoically.

    *Response To Developer stoically*:

    Yeah, the problem with Privacy Badger has been fixed for awhile now. it was either a Firefox update, Privacy Badger update, or even both that fixed it. it has been awhile since i originally posted it.

    Regarding having to disable Temporary Containers to set "Always Open in" newly created "Permanent Containers" for "Multi Account Containers" would be to let us "Temporarily Disable" "Temporary Containers" in the Toolbar using one of the Toolbar Buttons, either the one on the Right or even the one in the URL Bar. i think that would be slightly easier then opening about:addons and disabling Temporary Containers there and having to go back and re-enable it. But i'll still get by if that isn't possible as it only takes a few extra second to do it in about:addons.

    Also, i have noticed that i can't install extensions or even log into addons.mozilla.org with Temporary Containers Enabled. i think it's a redirect issue but my extensions Skip Redirect, Neat URL and Clear URLs are doing nothing, so i just use a Private Browsing Window to Log in or install extensions. This used to not be the case for me at least and i have not changed any settings since i originally set it up except for Reuse Container Numbers / Keep Counting.

    i also have it set to Reuse Container Number but it does not work right. it currently starts at 30-Something for me. if i set it to Keep Counting (Default) it works correctly and start in the single digits because i have single digit Permanent Containers created, but when i switch it back to Reuse Numbers it starts back at 30-Something. it's not a big deal but it is an issue and others have commented about it as well (i just realized that i typed about this before in the original review so i hope i expanded on that).

    Another thing is since Firefox 64 or 65, certain data is not removed, when i view the Manage Data in about:preferences#privacy it reflects that. i don't use social media but i will click on something to view it sometimes. Like for instance i'll view an instagram page, twitter Page and i guess i'll view a page with some embedded images from imgbox.com because i'll have data from instagram, twitter, imgbox.com and easylist-(i guess from uBlock Origin). But the data from instagram, twitter and imgbox.com should delete when Temporary Containers deletes the corresponding containers, but it doesn't. i'll open about:preferences#privacy way after the 15 minutes and check the Manage Data and they're still there. i have an extension Clear Cookies and Storage Button set to delete Local Storage, indexDB and Cache, i'll use it and open about:preferences#privacy and check Manage Data and they're STILL there. Now that extension Clear Cookies and Storage Button might not be working correctly looking at the reviews, but shouldn't Temporary Containers Remove that data? What's weird is that just today right before i started this response i checked Manage Data again and the instagram and twitter data said that it was last used 50-Some Minutes ago and i have not visited those site today, so it's obviously some kind of Data Tracking B.S. i think i'll make Exceptions to Block them to see if that helps.

    But what i really would like some answers to is the ENORMOUS Storage Folder Bloat. The Folder Path is C:\Users\Rick\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(This i think is Not Needed and doesn't matter anyway).default\storage\default

    i found someone talking about this in this Reddit Thread - https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/9133f3/why_cant_extensions_like_cookie_auto_delete_and/ - User "linasdfas" says "I was using the same setup for a while, but ended up abandoning Temporary Containers because my profile folder kept growing (~3.4 GB when I noticed and removed it). The culprit is the hundreds (about 900 in my case) about+newtab^userContextId=## directories that are being created and not removed (stored in your profile directory under storage/default).

    If you don't mind, could you check if your directory also contains a bunch of these? If not, the issue might not be the sole fault of Temporary Containers, but rather the way it interacts with my other settings.

    I haven't been able to find any info about this anywhere unfortutunately..."

    This is the only thing i can find about this issue when searching myself. That folder for me is now 7.36 GB, has 6,913 Files and 6,865 Folders.

    i tried resetting the Statistics in Temporary Containers Settings as i was hoping that it would do something but i knew it wouldn't.

    There HAS to be a way to fix this. Will uninstalling Temporary Containers Delete all this Bloat? i would hate to uninstall it for nothing as i don't see a way to export and import Temporary Containers Settings. i could take screenshots obviously but i figure i'll wait for a response from you.

    it will take FOREVER to delete all the "about+newtab^userContextId=" folders and i can't delete the whole "Default" folder because i believe there's a few things that has nothing to do with Temporary Containers, i would have to go through them all to make sure i don't delete the wrong thing.

    stoically, i'm sorry for the long posts and i hope you have time to read this new reply eventually. i never liked Github, and now it's owned by Microsoft for data mining purposes obviously... Even though i'm on Windows 10...

    i look forward to a response from you and Thank You in advance.

    *Third Edit / Additional info*:

    New version 0.92 has fixed the "Reuse Available Numbers" issue, i just had to restart, Thanks.

    Now, i'm just waiting for a response about the HUMONGOUS Storage Folder issue. i'm thinking i should wait for a response before i take screenshots of my settings and then uninstall and reinstall Temporary Containers, in case maybe you might tell me a better way of doing it that will fix it.

    *Fourth Edit*:

    Okay, i have deleted all the " about+newtab^userContextId= " folders, it was easier then i expected once i got started, but i also have 10 more i was hoping you could give me guidance on if i could delete them.

    So i deleted all the " about+newtab^userContextId= " Folders, can i also delete the:

    5 " about+home^userContextId=7952&firstPartyDomain=about. " Folders,
    1 " about+home^firstPartyDomain=about. " Folder,
    1 " about+newtab " Folder,
    1 " about+newtab^firstPartyDomain=about. " Folder,
    1 " moz-safe-about+home " Folder,
    1 " moz-safe-about+home^firstPartyDomain=about. " Folder.

    i think i can delete those 10 as i think they are related, but am hoping you can confirm that i can.

    *Fourth Edit - Additional info* - i just noticed that i also have 1 " moz-safe-about+home " Folder, and 1 " moz-safe-about+home^firstPartyDomain=about. " in the "Permanent" Folder that's underneath the Default Folder. The Temporary Folder is empty.

    i know that all the " moz-extension+++ " Folders have to do with the new extension storage folders with the new Firefox 66 update and i should not delete them, but i need help with the 10 i asked about.

    "A workaround would be to activate the "Don't reopen new tabs" automatic mode advanced preference." - i have set it to that and will let you know if it works for me, but i have a question about that setting, it says "but New Tabs can set and read cookies in the default container", well i just started to test it out and as soon as i navigate to a website that Tab turns into a Temporary Container, so the data in that Tab will remain in the Default Container?
    And i'll always have to Remove that Data Manually?
    And the Temporary Containers New Tab Button to the right will Still be immune to the Default Container correct?
    And also when i Left Click, Right Click and Middle Click a Bookmark to open in a New Temporary Container will also be immune?

    i have never used that Normal Firefox "New Tab" button anyways because the Temporary Containers New Tab Button to the Right of it was always faster.

    Thank You for all your replies and help stoically as it has been very helpful. Your time to read and reply is appreciated.

    *Fourth Edit - Additional info*

    The "Don't reopen new tabs automatic mode advanced preference" is not preventing the adding of New Folders being created in the Default - Storage Folder. BUT, what i have noticed is either the Firefox 66 update or one of the recent Temporary Container updates, or even both for all i know, is causing all the New Folders being created in the Default - Storage Folder not being named Like " about+newtab^userContextId= ", but are now named something related to the visited website, eBay being one, they're being named " https+++www.ebay.com^userContextId=13425&firstPartyDomain=ebay.com ".

    i think until the bug you mentioned - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1474608 is fixed i'll just check the Storage Folder maybe once a week and just delete all the folders before it gets too big.

    i just hope you can advise me on those 12 Folders i mentioned above if they're safe to delete.
    Tried to open the settings from the popup with PrivacyBadger 2019.2.19 in a Temporary Container and it works for me. If the problem persists for you I'd need more information - in this case I'd appreciate if you open a new issue on GitHub (https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues).

    Regarding Permanent Containers and Multi-Account Containers: I guess you're using the MAC Isolation. There's an open issue on GitHub about that and it will hopefully get solved in the future: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues/170 (also relies on MAC implementing an API for that use-case: https://github.com/mozilla/multi-account-containers/pull/1197).

    Sorry about losing your containers. TC never touches your existing permanent containers, so this seems to be a problem with Firefox itself. Related issue about wiped preferences in TC: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues/68. And there's also an issue describing the problem of TCs not starting at number 1 with reuse enabled: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues/191. Resetting statistics would not help in this case - you'd need to reset the complete preferences which is currently only possible by completely removing TC and installing it again.

    Thanks for the review.

    Edit / Response:

    The bug about storage not getting removed is already reported on Bugzilla: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1474608 (and https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues/232). Oddly enough it doesn't happen for me at all with about:newtab's - only occasionally with actual website container storage. A workaround would be to activate the "Don't reopen new tabs" automatic mode advanced preference. Uninstalling TC will not remove the storage - you'd have to do it manually or write some sort of script. Sorry about that, but I can't sadly do anything about it.

    "Manage Data" shows storage by domain regardless how it's accessed; so if you visit domains that embed other domains as third-party which then access storage, you'll see that in "Last updated". To avoid that, you'd have to block them.

    Edit / Response #2:

    I'd say it's safe to delete about+home storage folders.

    The only difference with "Don't reopen new tabs" is that TCs reopen when you first navigate to a website, not when you open a new tab. The only data entering the Default Container in this case, is data set by the new tab page (some search engines set cookies when you start typing into the omnibox, for example), which you'd have to remove manually, yes - everything else behaves the same, including the new TC button and navigation/mouseclicks isolation.

    I also occasionally end up with orphaned http[..]^userContextId folders, however, it's really rare for me. If it's reproducible for you (maybe it also has something to do with firstparty.isolate, though I'd doubt that) and/or no storage folders are removed at all, then you might want to consider commenting on Bug 1474608 with that information.
  • Great extension to isolate user activity without doing much work by the user, in automatic mode. However, I noticed a few problems.
    Right click menu on a link does not provide "open in new temporary container"
    Dragging a selected text into the address bar, (which I imagine does something equivalent to opening a new tab, putting that text into the address bar and clicking 'go'.) actually does the whole thing in the same container I am in. This prevents the isolation.
    Could this be caused by some settings? I use the recommended settings (Automatic mode and global setting of open cntrl+click or middle click into new container.)
    Thanks! The context menu (right click) on a link should provide that option - and in my case it works. Sometimes HTML/CSS makes text look like links but in fact they are not actually "a-elements" which are needed for the context menu to work. You might want to check at several places and also make sure you didn't deactivate the context menu in the Advanced -> General -> Context Menu preferences. In case the problem persists I'd need more information; feel free to open a new issue on GitHub in this case: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues

    Dragging text into the address bar is not catched by "Mouse Clicks"-Isolation. You'd need to configure "Navigating in Tabs"-Isolation for that to work. The reason the Navigating-Isolation isn't recommended is that it breaks redirects to 3rd-party domains (e.g. SSO Logins, Payments) which need to be dealt with.
  • This addon is exactly what i was looking for. It can be configured to open all sites in their own container and most importantly, removing cookies once the tab is closed and keeping them separate from other containers.

    I found one tiny annoyance however: when using the extension as a default for all new tabs opened and opening a new tab with either CTRL+T or by clicking the new tab icon, the url field is not focused afterwards, so I have to hit CTRL+L or click the field before i can type a new url. The normal behavior of firefox is to focus the url field after opening a new tab, making it easy to just start typing a new url.

    So I just would like an option (or default behavior) that the url field is focused after a new tab is opened, so I can just type the url right after hitting CTRL+T.
    In Automatic Mode new tabs should get focus since they are just opened by the Firefox Webextensions API - and it works for me. Maybe it was a fluke in Firefox, but if the problem persists for you I'd need more information about your environment and settings - the best way would be a new issue on GitHub: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues. Thanks.
  • So far the best container extension out there I've found to complement Mozilla's original extension. I love how ridiculously specific the options get, and the Alt-X shortcut (opening a new tab in the same container as the active one) has saved me so much mouse movement.
  • Уже было думал придётся самому изучать и писать расширение для себя. Но, к счастью, наткнулся на temporary containers. Это именно то что я искал. Спасибо авторам!