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  • Great extension to isolate user activity without doing much work by the user, in automatic mode. However, I noticed a few problems.
    Right click menu on a link does not provide "open in new temporary container"
    Dragging a selected text into the address bar, (which I imagine does something equivalent to opening a new tab, putting that text into the address bar and clicking 'go'.) actually does the whole thing in the same container I am in. This prevents the isolation.
    Could this be caused by some settings? I use the recommended settings (Automatic mode and global setting of open cntrl+click or middle click into new container.)
    Thanks! The context menu (right click) on a link should provide that option - and in my case it works. Sometimes HTML/CSS makes text look like links but in fact they are not actually "a-elements" which are needed for the context menu to work. You might want to check at several places and also make sure you didn't deactivate the context menu in the Advanced -> General -> Context Menu preferences. In case the problem persists I'd need more information; feel free to open a new issue on GitHub in this case: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues

    Dragging text into the address bar is not catched by "Mouse Clicks"-Isolation. You'd need to configure "Navigating in Tabs"-Isolation for that to work. The reason the Navigating-Isolation isn't recommended is that it breaks redirects to 3rd-party domains (e.g. SSO Logins, Payments) which need to be dealt with.
  • This addon is exactly what i was looking for. It can be configured to open all sites in their own container and most importantly, removing cookies once the tab is closed and keeping them separate from other containers.

    I found one tiny annoyance however: when using the extension as a default for all new tabs opened and opening a new tab with either CTRL+T or by clicking the new tab icon, the url field is not focused afterwards, so I have to hit CTRL+L or click the field before i can type a new url. The normal behavior of firefox is to focus the url field after opening a new tab, making it easy to just start typing a new url.

    So I just would like an option (or default behavior) that the url field is focused after a new tab is opened, so I can just type the url right after hitting CTRL+T.
    In Automatic Mode new tabs should get focus since they are just opened by the Firefox Webextensions API - and it works for me. Maybe it was a fluke in Firefox, but if the problem persists for you I'd need more information about your environment and settings - the best way would be a new issue on GitHub: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues. Thanks.
  • So far the best container extension out there I've found to complement Mozilla's original extension. I love how ridiculously specific the options get, and the Alt-X shortcut (opening a new tab in the same container as the active one) has saved me so much mouse movement.
  • Уже было думал придётся самому изучать и писать расширение для себя. Но, к счастью, наткнулся на temporary containers. Это именно то что я искал. Спасибо авторам!
  • ok but supercookies in SiteSecurityServiceState.txt are not cleared!
    Containers don't include the HSTS response cache (https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Contextual_Identity_Project/Containers#What_is_.28and_isn.27t.29_separated_between_Containers) and as such it's not removed when containers itself are removed. Unfortunately no way for Add-ons to clear that cache in any other way. The bug where this decision was made can be found here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1253006
  • great. but confusing to configure.
    requires more resources but you can configure it to avoid overuse
  • Great for site isolation
  • This is a fantastic add-on!

    By using temporary containers I now need far fewer specific containers. Automatic mode works great in conjunction with allowing specific behavior for certain domains.

    Thanks for writing this!
  • Looking good with Waterfox –

  • Magnificent addon! Not a replacement (as I first suspected) but a supplementary tool for Multi-Account Containers and Cookie Auto Delete. Highly configurable, and if Mozilla gets off their ass and fixes bugs we could see an alternative to Private Tab addon. I highly recommend using this with Switch Containers Plus and maybe even Containerise which makes managing multiple containers a breeze.
  • Finally a Container extension with enough parameter to fulfill one's particular needs !
  • Very cool extension! I installed it. Kudos!
    - Author of "I don't care about cookies" -
  • This is a perfect add-on! Works exactly how I wanted the default container application to work - keeping my link-clicking more private by opening links in isolated containers.

    Just a thought for the clear history feature - I know that you cannot clear based on container which would be ideal, but can you clear history items that are newer than the container open time? i.e. if I open clear-history-container at 11AM, navigate to example.com and click around for a while, then close the container, can you delete all example.com* history that happened after 11AM? Then you aren't wiping the entire site from history, just any clicks during the duration the tab was opened.
  • Got a tab in container, I went to download a file, everything was good until I removed this addon and closed Firefox. Now on every browser startup there is the same download poping up and there is no way of stopping it.
    EDIT: cleaning Firefox with CCleaner fixes this.
    Glad you figured out a solution. What happens after removing an Add-on is completely out of control for Add-on Developers. If you encounter such Issues, your best bet might be to report them to the Firefox Bugzilla: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/
  • This is definitely an excellent add-on with an excellent documentation. I definitely recommend it!

    However, I'm a bit shocked that its github site has been archieved (read-only) since a couple of days. What happened? Does that mean that the project and, hence, this add-on is now abondoned? A short explanation by stoically would be highly welcome!
    Thanks for the kind words!

    I've currently not much time to work on the Add-on, but I guess archiving it was the wrong signal. It's unarchived again, but future updates will take some time.