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  • Very cool extension! I installed it. Kudos!
    - Author of "I don't care about cookies" -
  • This is a perfect add-on! Works exactly how I wanted the default container application to work - keeping my link-clicking more private by opening links in isolated containers.

    Just a thought for the clear history feature - I know that you cannot clear based on container which would be ideal, but can you clear history items that are newer than the container open time? i.e. if I open clear-history-container at 11AM, navigate to example.com and click around for a while, then close the container, can you delete all example.com* history that happened after 11AM? Then you aren't wiping the entire site from history, just any clicks during the duration the tab was opened.
  • Got a tab in container, I went to download a file, everything was good until I removed this addon and closed Firefox. Now on every browser startup there is the same download poping up and there is no way of stopping it.
    EDIT: cleaning Firefox with CCleaner fixes this.
    Glad you figured out a solution. What happens after removing an Add-on is completely out of control for Add-on Developers. If you encounter such Issues, your best bet might be to report them to the Firefox Bugzilla: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/
  • This is definitely an excellent add-on with an excellent documentation. I definitely recommend it!

    However, I'm a bit shocked that its github site has been archieved (read-only) since a couple of days. What happened? Does that mean that the project and, hence, this add-on is now abondoned? A short explanation by stoically would be highly welcome!
    Thanks for the kind words!

    I've currently not much time to work on the Add-on, but I guess archiving it was the wrong signal. It's unarchived again, but future updates will take some time.
  • this add on has a little problem!
    when you open a file like pdf on fire-fox tab, it keep opening new tab infinitely.
    a fix would be good. thx!
    I've tried with and without Automatic Mode + Isolation and I can't reproduce neither with "Open File"-Dialog nor by Drag&Drop'ing a PDF to Firefox. In this case I'd need a debug log to help out - the easiest way would be if you open a new GitHub Issue and follow the instructions when reading the Issue Template on GitHub: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues/new - Thanks!
  • I really like this add-on. It does something I've been searching for for ages. One suggestion I might make concerns the "Navigating in Tabs should open new Temporary Containers" option. It appears that setting that to something other than "Never" results in many websites that use redirects breaking, and requiring you to figure out the names of all the redirects and then putting the original website and the redirects all in the same permanent container with "Never", not set. This is a real pain, and a non-technical user probably wouldn't be able to figure out how to do it, so most people will likely set the global to "Never" in order to avoid the hassle, especially since you can't sync the settings across computers.

    However, another side effect of having that set to "Never" appears to be that if you type a new URL into the tab yourself, the new site opens in the same temporary container. That seems to me to be more of an issue than allowing all the redirected sites to use the same temporary container by default, as the behavior the user is probably expecting is that each link they click on or each URL they type into the browser opens in a temporary container, but that stuff that's on the web page where they didn't manually click a link or type something else (e.g. redirects), would share the container. My suggestion here would be to either create a new option to allow the user to decide what to do if a new URL is manually typed into the command area of an existing temporary container, similar to the option given regarding the clicking of links, or simply assume that if the user types a new URL into the command area, that should be construed to be the same as left clicking a link and the same setting would govern both.

    I think doing it that way would be a good compromise between maximum privacy and ease of use, as only the very technical and very paranoid would take the trouble to track down all the redirects and create permanent containers for every site with redirects that the non-Never setting breaks, and go through that exercise on every computer they use because the settings don't sync.
    Glad you like the Add-on. A better way to "unbreak Isolation" than just setting the whole "Source-Page" to "Never" is definitely needed and already on the list, you can follow progress here: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues/104

    It'll work by also giving a way to "exclude target Domains" from Isolation. In this case, if you type a new URL into the address bar it'll still get "isolated", unless it's one of the explicitly excluded Domains. Differentiating between an explicitly typed into the address bar navigation and a navigation triggered by click or from the tab itself is, afaik, unfortunately not that easy possible. Feel free to comment on the GitHub Issue if you feel the planned changes aren't enough or you have other ideas about how to solve this.
  • Awesome extension, for both convenience and privacy
  • This is exactly the extension I have been wanting to write for several years now but was too lazy. With this extension, we have an isolated browser session per tab (or group of tabs) with very little effort, and the tracking from those sessions die when you close the tab. This nullifies Google and Facebook's business model and sadly we'll never see this as a built in feature in any popular browser. Thanks so much to the developer of the extension!
  • Update: thanks for the reply; Alt+C for a new TC tab (on Windows) would be great, and makes it cross-platform, so even better! Plus it's soooo easy to type! :)

    I'll set up a github a/c to log any more issues I come across. I've got a couple of questions, but chances are they're already covered, ticket-wise, so no point repeating here. Thanks again.

    I love the Container concept, and this add-on is a must to get the full benefits of containerisation. There's still a way to go, but 5 stars are well deserved for the great work to date. :)

    A couple of minor nits: (using 0.87)

    - The Alt+Shift+T shortcut isn't working on Windows. It just picks up the Alt+T bit and opens the Tools menu in the Menu Bar.

    - I can't use MAC isolation, in general, because I have a MAC container for my email, and I can't figure out which domains to isolate/ignore to allow me to log-in. Things just move too quickly once I enter my details and click the login button, and, before I know it, a Temporary container is opened with an error message! So, it would be great to have a simple way to tell which domains I need to isolate to allow me to log in. Preferably, it would then allow me to isolate them with one click, if that makes sense? Alternatively, in the short term, if there was a way to opt-out certain MAC containers from general MAC isolation, that'd work fine for me as well! :)

    Thanks again for the great effort you've put in! :)

    - Oh, well. I'm pretty sure I've tested the shortcut on Windows, but I can confirm that's what's happening for me as well. You can follow the change here: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues/123
    - Yep, unbreaking Isolation - for MAC as well - and a logger to make it easier is on the list too, here's the ticket: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues/104
  • It is an excellent add-on!
    Thank you and congratulations to the Dev!
    Also thank you to the Dev, for answering my questions at Github.

    I was using Containers in Firefox without add-ons. But only after installing Temporary-Containers that I understood the usability of this add-on. It is tremendously productive to have an add-on that automatically opens everything in Containers, and after "x" minutes after using the Container (closing Tab), the same add-on automatically cleans all the mess, all the cookies, webgarbage, everything. All the process is automatic... very nice.

    By the way, all the Dev' explanations in the main page, also are very useful. Specially the comparison with other methods.

    Again, thanks to the Dev!
  • Everything was fixed thanks to your update. I spent so much time trying different settings to make it work, but it was a well invested time since it helped you fix it. 5 stars of course ! (and thank you for your work)
    I find this addon excellent but I don't understand why it opens two tabs at the same time when I open links from a permanent container.

    Example: I'm on Twitter [permanent container: Social medias] and Leftclick on a tweet redirecting to a medium article. It opens a new tab in [social medias] but also a temp container. It works fine if middle click/CMD+L. It's solved when I enable the multi container support. But now the new problem is that then when I do a search on duckduck, (e.g: linkedin), if I right click and do "open in [work container]" then it forces firefox to open it in a temp container, and not my [work]…

    Config in global isolation:
    M Mouse: always
    CMD+L Mouse: always
    L Mouse: only if does not match

    Automatic mode: on

    Any idea?
    Glad you like the Add-on and Thanks for reporting your Left Mouse Click Issue. I've checked and this is a regression from an earlier version - this used to work, but it wasn't unfortunately covered with a test. Fixed it and released version 0.84, should now work as expected.

    If you enable Multi-Account Containers Isolation you really only can load URLs in Containers if they're assigned. So it might happen that you try to e.g. open "example.com" in a Container, while only "www.example.com" is assigned. I'll try to enhance visibility over what is assigned and a way of adding new MAC assignments directly in the future.

    Hope that helps. If something still doesn't work as expected or something else pops up, I'd encourage you to open a new Issue on GitHub: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues
  • Great!!!