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  • Well made containers extension, it will be exciting to see the development for this extension. I also appreciate the effort you put into the description it's very informative.
  • Awesome!
  • What a great way to make Containers even more useful! It's essentially a multi-container version of Private Browsing.

    This extension is just about as good as it can be. Great work.
  • F**K GAFAM and their offspring \o/ \o/
  • Just amazing! Thanks to the developers for creating this and making it open source, not to be critical with other projects but why would you create a privacy enhancing project and hide your code? Anyway, this project is amazing, so glad I found it.
    It makes having independent containers for every link/website you open really convenient, the improvement in privacy is huge.
  • Whoa! This addon is a game changer. I never liked how Private Tabs works in Quantum, since it limits you to opening a private tab in a new window.

    This addon corrects the ridiculous private tab changes, and makes opening a private tab (temporary container) even better!!

    I have two questions for the developer.

    1. Can you add an option so when a link is opened in a Temp Container it will switch to the tab immediately. Currently it appears it will just open the tab in the background, and you have to manually switch to the tab.

    2. Is there a way I can add a mousegesture command to open a link in a Temp Container? For instance I use a mousegetrues addon named Foxy Gestures. I can configure a mousegesture so when I swipe up on a link, it will open that link in a new tab. Would it be possible to do the same with this addon, so I can add a mousegesture so when I swipe a link with a mousegesture it will open that link in a Temp Container?

    Thanks for this addon. It's BRILLIANT!!!! 5 STARS AND MORE!!
    Glad you like it!

    1. You could configure Left Clicks (Global or per Website) to open in a new Temporary Container - that way they get focus.

    2. In a future version there will be a way to activate "Isolation" (Global and per Website) which will open *all* Tabs and Links opened by Tabs in a new Temporary Container - even when opened programmatically; and that's what's happening with Foxy Gestures. With that feature you could achieve opening Links with gestures in new Temporary Containers. Another way would be to get in touch with the Foxy Gestures developer and ask him if he'd be willing to implement an API for other WebExtensions that allows to register to events inside the Foxy Gestures WebExtensions (that way I could get the information that the tab was opened by Foxy Gestures).

    If that doesn't help, you need further assistance with configuring or you got some Feedback from the Foxy Gestures Developer then please open an Issue on GitHub (https://github.com/stoically/firefox-add-on-temporary-containers/issues).

    Edit (18. Feb 2018):
    Support for Foxy Gestures User Scripts are now available, you can find them here: https://github.com/stoically/firefox-add-on-temporary-containers/wiki/Foxy-Gestures-User-Scripts

    Edit (6. Mar 2018):
    The "Isolation" feature is now available
  • Well done. I wish I'd found this sooner! Similar to Containers-on-the-Go but has a few more features and is open source.