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  • Everything was fixed thanks to your update. I spent so much time trying different settings to make it work, but it was a well invested time since it helped you fix it. 5 stars of course ! (and thank you for your work)
    I find this addon excellent but I don't understand why it opens two tabs at the same time when I open links from a permanent container.

    Example: I'm on Twitter [permanent container: Social medias] and Leftclick on a tweet redirecting to a medium article. It opens a new tab in [social medias] but also a temp container. It works fine if middle click/CMD+L. It's solved when I enable the multi container support. But now the new problem is that then when I do a search on duckduck, (e.g: linkedin), if I right click and do "open in [work container]" then it forces firefox to open it in a temp container, and not my [work]…

    Config in global isolation:
    M Mouse: always
    CMD+L Mouse: always
    L Mouse: only if does not match

    Automatic mode: on

    Any idea?
    Glad you like the Add-on and Thanks for reporting your Left Mouse Click Issue. I've checked and this is a regression from an earlier version - this used to work, but it wasn't unfortunately covered with a test. Fixed it and released version 0.84, should now work as expected.

    If you enable Multi-Account Containers Isolation you really only can load URLs in Containers if they're assigned. So it might happen that you try to e.g. open "example.com" in a Container, while only "www.example.com" is assigned. I'll try to enhance visibility over what is assigned and a way of adding new MAC assignments directly in the future.

    Hope that helps. If something still doesn't work as expected or something else pops up, I'd encourage you to open a new Issue on GitHub: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues
  • Great!!!
  • Well made containers extension, it will be exciting to see the development for this extension. I also appreciate the effort you put into the description it's very informative.
  • Awesome!
  • What a great way to make Containers even more useful! It's essentially a multi-container version of Private Browsing.

    This extension is just about as good as it can be. Great work.
  • F**K GAFAM and their offspring \o/ \o/
  • Just amazing! Thanks to the developers for creating this and making it open source, not to be critical with other projects but why would you create a privacy enhancing project and hide your code? Anyway, this project is amazing, so glad I found it.
    It makes having independent containers for every link/website you open really convenient, the improvement in privacy is huge.