660 Bewertungen
  • Frequent updates & nice, clean interface. Haven't had any problems.
  • Makes functions more accessible!
  • сделайте возможность, чтобы в пользовательские сессии можно было добавлять отдельные вкладки
    make it possible to add individual tabs to existing user sessions
  • Hi, this Addon is very useful, but can you please fix the display of the "favicon"? if my session is restored, all tab-icons are missing. They'll refresh when i click on tab, but i want them always. Thank you!!
  • O melhor. Muito completo.
  • Some pages from the session do not refresh :(
  • Problem with FF 64.0b4 and TSM 4.2.0:
    Option: "Use the "discarded" property"
    prevents to open more then one window!
    Otherwise a very usefull addon.
    I fixed the problem in ver 4.2.1.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.