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  • nice manager, works perfect.
  • Just what I needed :)
  • simply the best DL- Manager!
  • I seems to be working fine so far. But could you add support for "Panorama View" addon? Right now all tabs of each groups are merged into one group which makes the tab groups useless.
  • Please put it in the new firefox version
  • Alles was man braucht und nach mehreren Updates noch besser als der Vorgänger!
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  • every, EVERY single time I restart mozilla, it returns the indexed bd error. Already deleted the storage directory, then did the refresh on firefox, and it's still happening.
    I mean, the fix of going back to 2.1.1 and, without doing anything, reinstalling 3.x back again fixed this problem, but it's still very annoying to do every time.
    What was wrong with how 2.1.1 saved sessions, that this buggy, constantly breaking, annoying new version is somehow better?
  • I'm very thankful for this addon as my WebExtension substitution of Session Manager by M.Kraft. I've used it since the beginning and I have never had any issues.
    However, I've come to the point where sessions sync is the must have. This is why I have to change your great extension, despite that I like its UI and much more than the others.
    Farewell and good luck! :)

    Below is my original review 9 months earlier:
    I am glad for the effort to bring Session Manager to WebExtensions. Still, in some cases I am using one instance of FF ESR with original Session Manager by Michael Kraft for its superior functions:
    - auto saving sessions
    - saving either whole session or just a particular window (what's even more useful for me).
    It would be great to see the above in Tab Session Manager.
    I also hope to find a top notch cooperation with Multi Account Containers, like auto saving window with a particular container tabs, so I can always start or exit my Personal, Work or other Container window and have my session saved.
  • Great extension i love it. Perfect! Thanks to the developer. thank you very much. a must have addon.