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  • No issues, thx
  • Really Helpful!!!
  • A great, effective extension with a clean, intuitive design. I don't understand what the negative reviewers were complaining about, as I've found it easy to use and quite reliable.

    The developer obviously studied the GUIs of other well-designed apps. TSM has lots of great features (I particularly appreciate being able to select how many automatic backups to maintain), but it avoids overwhelming you by keeping them in logical places you can access as you wish.

    Before I returned to Firefox (when it got fast again), I used the Session Buddy extension with Google Chrome. There's just one thing I miss from it: Sometimes I save sessions I need to remind myself about later. Session Buddy showed the session list as a full page, so I could leave it open when I closed the browser, and it automatically restored itself the next time. By contrast, you must click TSM's icon to see the session list—so you have to remember that you _should_ see the list. :?) It'd be great if TSM included an option to show it as a regular, restorable page.
  • Quite good. But I am still looking for a function that the back/forward history can also be saved for each tab (This can be done in Michael Kraft's Session Manager). Support!
  • Muy completa y eficiente
  • Apart from the empty modal Window that it seems to open on restart following a Firefox crash, this has saved my bacon more times than I care to remember.

    I'm crap at keeping the number of tabs to a reasonable number and this helps me keep them around.
  • Много удобно и полезно. Някой път спасява положението. Като имаш отворен private window и нормален, ако затвориш първо нормалния и после private, firefox не ти запомня сесията, а това я помни :)
  • A really useful addon. It helps me saving tabs in sesions for later consulting while I can focus in another tasks without overloading the system memory.
  • Thanks of created this addons, It saved my life a few time: Firefox closed while opening 2 windows, it can't use the built-in restore feature since it only able restore single window. I've sent 5 dollar to you just now :)

    btw, Just now got indexedDB issue, I don't have to delete storage folder, I just have to goto about:profile, open the profile+cut that folder, then restart web browser and the error gone
  • Permite volver a páginas ya visitadas, así como guardar sesiones con múltiples tabs
  • nice manager, works perfect.
  • Just what I needed :)
  • simply the best DL- Manager!
  • I seems to be working fine so far. But could you add support for "Panorama View" addon? Right now all tabs of each groups are merged into one group which makes the tab groups useless.
  • Please put it in the new firefox version